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  1. Clinical Notes The Clinical Notes facility in PPS is available in the “Professional” version of PPS. This includes areas to record your Clinical Notes, manage Treatment Episodes, complete specific forms (Custom Forms) including body charts, your own questionnai... Read More
  2. Custom Forms Custom Forms is part of PPS Clinical Notes. You can design, create and use forms to collect information about your clients. All forms are accessed from the -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Consultation screen. Typical examples for use of forms are: Clinical notes records, clinical d... Read More
  3. Zaptag Using Zaptag with PPS This guide will show you how to set up your Zaptag account details within PPS and use the Zaptag functionality – uploading -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">consultation notes, documents and letters to a patients’ online Zaptag account. Before yo... Read More
  4. BUPA Physiotherapy Tender PPS Reports BUPA Physiotherapy Tender f you are submitting a tender to BUPA as part of their review of physiotherapy providers, then your   application needs to be submitted by midnight on Friday 24 April 2009. he tender application includes various... Read More
  5. General System Options General System Options PPS has a screen on the PPS Tools menu called Options. This screen can be used to set up a wide variety of system settings that affect the way that PPS works. The Options screen has six tabs along the top: General, A... Read More