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  1. Viewing an Invoice and Marking it as Paid To view an Invoice, navigate to the Client Log for the Client in question and click the Invoice from the list. From here, there is the option to mark the Invoice as paid by choosing a payment method from the drop down list. You are also able to e... Read More
  2. Marking an Appointment as Complete/DNA and Raising Subsequent Charges There are currently two simple ways to create charges in PPS Express. These charges are related to an appointment and as such you start at the main appointment screen - accessed either from the Diary or the Client Log screen. From here you ... Read More
  3. Mail Merge A Mail Merge is a way of contacting multiple clients with a pre-set template via Email, SMS, or Letter. Section 1 - Configuring your Client Contact Preferences Before you start the process of a Mail Merge you will need to configure your cli... Read More
  4. Using the Admin Module for Online Appointment Booking v3 Note: This guide is only relevant for Online Booking version 3 which was made available from 11/10/2016. If you acquired Online Booking before this time or have not upgraded to version 3 please see here: Using the PPS Online Booking Admin M... Read More
  5. Moving an appointment Moving an appointment in PPS Express If a client needs to rearrange a pre-booked appointment you can simply move the existing appointment to an alternative available appointment slot, here’s how: Once logged in to PPS express, click ‘di... Read More
  6. Sending Custom Forms to Word Documents The following guide will take you through the process of using Merge Fields to use for importing Custom Form data to a Word Document. This is particularly useful if you have a prescription form for a third party which you would like to... Read More
  7. Installing and Using Custom Fonts within PPS PPS allows you to select which font you wish to use within the software. The following guide will explain how to install fonts on various operating systems and then explain how these external fonts can be used within PPS. Before any fonts can be u... Read More
  8. Downloading and Installing PPS If you are a brand new PPS user and wish to install the software, please follow the steps below. Please note - If you are already using PPS then please do not install this version of PPS as this will overwrite any existing databases on your system,... Read More
  9. Using PPS Merge Fields PPS provides a whole host of merge fields that can be used in a variety of activities including letters, e-mails and SMS messages along with custom forms and their associated Word documents. Merge fields automatically pick up patient information f... Read More
  10. Setting up PPS on an Apple MAC If you wish to run PPS on a MAC then you are provided with two options – the first option is to use our Hosted (Cloud) version of PPS. This is called PPS Online – if you wish to learn more then please click the following link - http://www.rushcli... Read More
  11. Using the PPS Audit Viewer PPS maintains an audit of all updates made to the database in several key areas. The audit details captured allow the PPS system administrator account to make audit enquiries to see which PPS user has carried out which updates to the database, and pr... Read More
  12. Recovering your PPS Database This help guide will take you through the procedure of restoring your PPS database in the event of a fatal system hardware crash, theft of PC or laptop, etc. This guide is also based on the assumption that you have a recent PPS Backup of your data th... Read More
  13. PPS Sync Server Information What Does PPS Sync Server Do? PPS Sync Server is an additional application of PPS for users with more than one PPS Site Licence. “Syncing” in PPS terms is the process of running two or more individual PPS systems which keeps each and every one ... Read More
  14. Consultation Screen The Consultation screen in PPS is used to record your clinical notes against any patient assessments and treatments. It is also used to review and manage your Treatment Episodes. Firstly, the basics of clinical notes in PPS are as follows: ... Read More
  15. PPS Windows Maintenance & Help Information Before reading this document, please consider the following three important points 1. The PC computer or network that PPS is running on is your responsibility and is NOT covered by your PPS Support Contract. It is up to you to make sure that your PC ... Read More
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