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  1. [Video] Create a charge A charge is the first step for PPS billing. You have to create a charge before you can raise an invoice  ... Read More
  2. [Video] How to create an invoice layout ... Read More
  3. Invoice Processing Below is a step by step guide that will take you through your weekly/monthly payment runs and any general invoice processing tasks from within PPS Invoice processing Firstly PPS Menu > Accounts > Invoice Processing. ... Read More
  4. Creating a Charge Client, Practioner and Location A charge is the first step for PPS billing. You have to create a charge before you can raise an invoice . Selecting a client and practioner is mandatory, however charge location is optional. Using locatio... Read More
  5. PPS Cash Desk Cashdesk PPS Cash Desk is a point-of-sale style screen that can be used to quickly create charges, invoices and payments all in one step. You can access the Cash Desk screen directly from anywhere in PPS using the F11 key on the keyboard. ... Read More
  6. Appointment Completion Appointment Completed When an appointment is marked as completed (Either from the Appointment diary, Appointments Daily list screen or the Clients Log) The 'Appointment Completed' Screen will open up with the options of raising a... Read More
  7. Activity Templates Activity Templates are a key part of PPS. Whether you are sending out a client letter, an e-mail to thousands of your patients or confirming an appointment booking via SMS, you will inevitably start using automated templates at one point or another a... Read More
  8. Adding a New Appointment To add a new appointment, you must first be looking at the PPS appointments Diary. From here you can quickly see an empty appointment slot into which to book your new appointment, or you can use the search option to search for a free appointment slot... Read More
  9. Creating Charges Creating a Charge Charges can be created from several different areas within PPS dependant on what you are currently doing.You can create a charge on completion of a consultation or appointment.You can create a charge at anytime, provided you have s... Read More
  10. Raising an Invoice Creating/Raising an Invoice Invoices are created from charges. If the client/invoicee is paying at the time of creating the charge then PPS will automatically create the invoice. Invoices can be created from several different areas within PPS dependa... Read More
  11. PPS Remote Diary This guide will show you how to use PPS Remote to Book, Edit or Move an Appointment and Navigate your Diary. If you are a PPS Online user or have a hosted PPS Remote system then skip the pre-requisites. ... Read More
  12. Clinical Notes Report PPS Reports are broken down into six categories: Client, Activities, Accounts, Clinical Notes, Appointments and Favourites. Beside each of the sections there is a Run and Open button. Run displays a screen allowing you to select just a date rang... Read More
  13. Report Output Each time you run a report, you are presented with a selection of Output Options: Print, Preview, Mail Merge, To File and Close. You also have the choice to print/view the report either with full detail or in summary mode. Report Output Option... Read More
  14. Layout Designer The layout designer section of PPS controls how your invoices, statement of accounts, letters, labels and estimates appear. This guide will show you how to make a quick change to the letterhead address and all the way through to totally customising y... Read More
  15. Completing an Appointment Appointments –> Appointments Diary or <Ctrl A> or Task Bar -> Appointments The PPS Appointments Diary allows you to record all your client appointments, and manage your available appointment times. There are a variety of diary ... Read More
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