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  1. -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Custom -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Form Merge Fields One of the newer features of PPS (v4.0.55 and onwards) takes merges fields to the next level by being able to use them within -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">custom forms. You can define as many questions as you need to use merge fields, which enables you to automatically send the ... Read More
  2. -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Custom Forms -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Custom Forms is part of PPS Clinical Notes. You can design, create and use forms to collect information about your clients. All forms are accessed from the Consultation screen. Typical examples for use of forms are: Clinical notes records, clinical d... Read More
  3. Creating a Multi-Charge Item PPS now includes the ability to create “multiple standard charges” on your ‘List of Standard Charges’ screen. This new option allows you to set up a Standard Charge item which is actually a collection of other standard charges from yo... Read More
  4. Installing and Using -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Custom Fonts within PPS PPS allows you to select which font you wish to use within the software. The following guide will explain how to install fonts on various operating systems and then explain how these external fonts can be used within PPS. Before any fonts can be u... Read More
  5. Sending -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Custom Forms to Word Documents The following guide will take you through the process of using Merge Fields to use for importing -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Custom -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">Form data to a Word Document. This is particularly useful if you have a prescription -color: rgba(170, 230, 253, 0.81);">form for a third party which you would like to... Read More
  6. Appointment Types When booking appointments and events in PPS you have the option to assign specific Appointment Types to each booking. These allow you to define the nature of the booking, control what charges will be raised upon completion, and set a particular corre... Read More