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  1. Marking an Appointment as Complete/DNA and Raising Subsequent Charges There are currently two simple ways to create charges in PPS Express. These charges are related to an appointment and as such you start at the main appointment screen - accessed either from the Diary or the Client Log screen. From here you ... Read More
  2. Holding List The PPS Appointments Diary has a holding list available which you can use to record clients who are waiting for a future appointment slot or cancellation. Clients can be added to the holding list with a description of what they are holding for, be th... Read More
  3. Diary Events Diary events allow for single bookings that contain multiple attendees. They can be used to demonstrate that a room or practitioner is booked for a class, meeting, or event. Events allow you to easily view and modify attendees and bill them individua... Read More
  4. Using the PPS Online Booking Admin Module With the introduction of PPS online booking admin, you are able to manage your online booking settings all from one convenient screen! To locate your online booking admin tool, simply click on to tools>>online booking admin. This will o... Read More
  5. Practitioner Booking Confirmations Practitioner Contact Preferences and Notifications PPS has the facility to be able to send out a notification to each practitioner who has an appointment diary, to notify them if an appointment is booked with them or if an appointment booked with t... Read More
  6. Appointments Reports Appointments Reports can be located under the Reports & Mail Merge option in PPS. When you select the Appointments tab you will be presented with a list of different standard reports. These are broken down b... Read More
  7. Set up Practitioners & System Users System User Details To set up PPS Users the current user must first be Logged In to PPS as the System Administrator. This shows a list of current users which can modified or deleted, with the ability to create new PPS users. ... Read More
  8. Healthcode Electronic Billing Healthcode is the trusted provider of secure online systems for the private health market, clearing and validating medical bills electronically for all major PMI insurers in the UK. Healthcode enables you to automatically submit your invoices to the ... Read More
  9. [Video] Cancelling an appointment in PPS remote ... Read More
  10. PPS Reports Reports PPS includes many different reports that any user can run that present information accumulated from various parts of the system. There is a variety of other print-outs that you can produce from PPS that are not included in the category of rep... Read More
  11. Third Party Contact Details Third Party Contact List PPS provides the ability to associate a variety of third-party contacts with each client. These contacts are stored in a separate list and are grouped into contact types such as Doctors, Insurance Companies, Health Autho... Read More
  12. Appointments Diary Appointments Diary Menu The diary menu bar situated at the top of the appointments diary screen provides quick button access to creating new appointments, modifying them and deleting them. Further along the menu are options to block... Read More
  13. Walk In List and Pre-Booked Appointments   Walk In List View Options Within the Walk In List screen, the viewing options will show all room and diary user information by default - this can be changed by selecting specific rooms and diary users. The current PPS user log... Read More
  14. Printing the Appointments Diary Appointments –> Appointments Diary or <Ctrl A> or Task Bar -> Appointments The PPS Appointments Diary allows you to record all your client appointments, and manage your available appointment times. There are a variety of diary ... Read More
  15. Cancelling an Appointment In order to Cancel an appointment in PPS, you need to first be looking at the diary. to call up the diary do one of the following: Appointments –> Appointments Diary or <Ctrl A> or Task Bar -> Appointments   To Cancel... Read More
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