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  1. Updating PPS (Including Sync Server) Note: In order to update PPS you need to be logged into the PC as a windows administrator.This guide will take you through updating your PPS system to the latest release as long as you are using v4.0 of the software and have a valid Support Cont... Read More
  2. PPS Sync Server Information What Does PPS Sync Server Do? PPS Sync Server is an additional application of PPS for users with more than one PPS Site Licence. “Syncing” in PPS terms is the process of running two or more individual PPS systems which keeps each and every one ... Read More
  3. That Syncing Feeling If you are a Sync Server user then you are probably aware that its synchronisation capability relies on an active internet connection to send and receive your PPS records. With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide to take you thr... Read More