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  1. BUPA Physiotherapy Tender PPS Reports BUPA Physiotherapy Tender f you are submitting a tender to BUPA as part of their review of physiotherapy providers, then your   application needs to be submitted by midnight on Friday 24 April 2009. he tender application includes various... Read More
  2. Setting up your SMS Account Guide SMS Help Guide Overview The following guide will take you through the steps of creating your SMS account (1), purchasing SMS credits (2), setting up your activity templates that control what your text messages will say(3), setting up your booki... Read More
  3. PPS Reports Reports PPS includes many different reports that any user can run that present information accumulated from various parts of the system. There is a variety of other print-outs that you can produce from PPS that are not included in the category of rep... Read More
  4. Report Database Updates Performing a Client Details Update The following guide will take you through the process to perform a 'bulk' update of the client details in PPS from a report. Creating your Report To access the Update screen in PPS you will need to be ... Read More
  5. Exporting Client E-Mail Addresses You can use the PPS reporting function to export a list of your client's email addresses. The Custom Excel option allows you to build a spreadsheet with data fields specified by you. This guide will specifically look at exporting email addresses... Read More
  6. Expenditure Management Help Guide Expenditure Management Expenditure Management is an optional PPS Module. With it you can record the expenses of your business, from sundries, to gas and electric bills - even staff wages. Furthermore from the infor... Read More
  7. General System Options General System Options PPS has a screen on the PPS Tools menu called Options. This screen can be used to set up a wide variety of system settings that affect the way that PPS works. The Options screen has six tabs along the top: General, A... Read More
  8. Using the Admin Module for Online Appointment Booking v3 Note: This guide is only relevant for Online Booking version 3 which was made available from 11/10/2016. If you acquired Online Booking before this time or have not upgraded to version 3 please see here: Using the PPS Online Booking Admin M... Read More
  9. Appointment Types When booking appointments and events in PPS you have the option to assign specific Appointment Types to each booking. These allow you to define the nature of the booking, control what charges will be raised upon completion, and set a particular corre... Read More