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  1. Expenditure Management Help Guide Expenditure Management Expenditure Management is an optional PPS Module. With it you can record the expenses of your business, from sundries, to gas and electric bills - even staff wages. Furthermore from the infor... Read More
  2. Custom Forms Custom Forms is part of PPS Clinical Notes. You can design, create and use forms to collect information about your clients. All forms are accessed from the Consultation screen. Typical examples for use of forms are: Clinical notes records, clinical d... Read More
  3. Recovering your PPS Database This help guide will take you through the procedure of restoring your PPS database in the event of a fatal system hardware crash, theft of PC or laptop, etc. This guide is also based on the assumption that you have a recent PPS Backup of your data th... Read More
  4. How To Move PPS To A New PC Note: To ensure that your PC meets the minimum requirements to run PPS please see the PPS system requirements pageThis help guide explains how to move your PPS system from its current PC/Laptop to a new PC/Laptop. The steps below ensure the conf... Read More
  5. BUPA Physiotherapy Tender PPS Reports BUPA Physiotherapy Tender f you are submitting a tender to BUPA as part of their review of physiotherapy providers, then your   application needs to be submitted by midnight on Friday 24 April 2009. he tender application includes various... Read More
  6. Excel Output Exporting Data from PPS into Excel The reports section of PPS is a very important feature, whether it be for simple daily appointment statistics or monthly charges raised. However even though there is a vast amount of information to report... Read More
  7. Activity Templates Activity Templates are a key part of PPS. Whether you are sending out a client letter, an e-mail to thousands of your patients or confirming an appointment booking via SMS, you will inevitably start using automated templates at one point or another a... Read More
  8. Installing A Network Version The below process explains how to install the network version of PPS. This will connect to your main PPS database over your local network allowing additional users and workstations access to the system. If you have moved your PPS Database and need ... Read More
  9. Setting Up Users And Appointment Diaries Setting up system users and diary users is one of the most important aspects of PPS, and it’s worth making sure that everyone is set up correctly from the start, from simply giving them the correct Discipline, access control settings and even d... Read More
  10. Backup Backing Up PPS provides the ability to backup your data from within the software. The backup of data can be used in conjunction with the “Restore” option if a systems data ever needs to be restore after a computer failure or malfunction. ... Read More
  11. Setting up your SMS Account Guide SMS Help Guide Overview The following guide will take you through the steps of creating your SMS account (1), purchasing SMS credits (2), setting up your activity templates that control what your text messages will say(3), setting up your booki... Read More
  12. PPS Windows Maintenance & Help Information Before reading this document, please consider the following three important points 1. The PC computer or network that PPS is running on is your responsibility and is NOT covered by your PPS Support Contract. It is up to you to make sure that your PC ... Read More
  13. Consultation Screen The Consultation screen in PPS is used to record your clinical notes against any patient assessments and treatments. It is also used to review and manage your Treatment Episodes. Firstly, the basics of clinical notes in PPS are as follows: ... Read More
  14. Updating Bupa Finder If you are using Pronto with PPS to receive electronic referrals from Bupa, it is important to ensure that the details held by Bupa are accurate and up to date. All information regarding your clinic (ie. locations, practitioners) can be found... Read More
  15. TeamViewer Teamviewer is a third-party program that allows us access to your computer to assist in support queries in real-time. For scheduled set-ups and consultancy work it is important that we get access at the appointed time when the computer is not require... Read More
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