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  1. Label Printing In PPS, labels can be printed either to an A4 sheet, or to a dedicated label DYMO Label Writer. For A4 labels, Private Practice Software uses Avery L7162 or equivalent Address Label sheets containing 2 x 8 labels. For the DYMO Label Writer, Private P... Read More
  2. Using The Activities List Activities or Task Bar -> Activities Activities allow you to keep track of various client activities that are not covered by other PPS features such as clinical note taking and accounting functions. Activities include sending let... Read More
  3. Preparing a Label Preparing a Label Activities -> Prepare a Label or Activities -> Activities List Private Practice Software uses Avery L7162 or equivalent A4 Address Label sheets containing 2 x 8 labels or labels supplied with a dedicated label... Read More
  4. Label Print Spool Label print Selection PPS includes the function to access and edit the 'Label Print Spool' when using an A4 Address Label sheet containing 2 x 8 labels. The current label that has been selected for printing will display itse... Read More
  5. Label Layout Designer Label Layout Designer PPS provides custom labels that the user can print and use on envelopes if they do not use window envelopes. Labels are used as an activity type. The PPS activities created here print to either a dedicated label printer such ... Read More
  6. Label Printing from PPS Hosted PPS Hosted systems can print labels to DYMO 400 & 450 label writers. The standard label sizes available are 11352, 11354, 11355, 30252 or 99012. If you have a different size please let the support team know the label number and dimensions via an ... Read More
  7. Activities List Processing Activities By default, PPS will show the currently logged-in user's activities - the top menu gives the user the ability to view activities for other specific users, groups or 'All Users'. Activities by Cat... Read More
  8. Archived Activities Archived Activity List The Archive option allows you to archive your older activity records. Once you have archived your activities, they can still be accessed both from here and through the PPS Client Log for each client. Viewing A... Read More
  9. Process your Outstanding Activities The following guide will show you how to process your outstanding activities through PPS: 1. Choose the ‘Process your Outstanding Activities’ option from the ‘Activities’ menu  ... Read More
  10. Activity Templates Activity Templates are a key part of PPS. Whether you are sending out a client letter, an e-mail to thousands of your patients or confirming an appointment booking via SMS, you will inevitably start using automated templates at one point or another a... Read More
  11. Layout Designer The layout designer section of PPS controls how your invoices, statement of accounts, letters, labels and estimates appear. This guide will show you how to make a quick change to the letterhead address and all the way through to totally customising y... Read More
  12. Setting Up Shop PPS can be easily used in an EPOS (Electronic Point-Of-Sale) environment. While PPS is not a full-blown cash register and stock control system, it does include simple stock levels management, and can be used to serve your clients in “shop-style” ... Read More
  13. Appointment Diary Options Appointments Diary Options The Appointments Diary Options give the PPS system users control over how the diary works, and how information is displayed in the diary. The Options screen that is displayed has 5 tabs along the top; one tab for each ca... Read More
  14. [Video] Activities list Activities allow you to keep track of various client activities that are not covered by other PPS features such as clinical note taking and accounting functions. Activities include sending... Read More
  15. Integrating PPS Online Booking into a Website Please Note: If you are not experienced with web design/development and do not intend to employ the services of a professional web development service we do offer a pre-made Holding Page which can be linked to your existing website for no extra charg... Read More
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