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  1. Database Maintenance Re-indexing your Database PPS has an option in the Tools menu for database maintenance. This includes a Re-index All Data Files option and an Archive option, both of which should be utilised as part of your regular maintenance routine of PPS. The ... Read More
  2. Downloading and Installing PPS If you are a brand new PPS user and wish to install the software, please follow the steps below. Please note - If you are already using PPS then please do not install this version of PPS as this will overwrite any existing databases on your system,... Read More
  3. Report Database Updates Performing a Client Details Update The following guide will take you through the process to perform a 'bulk' update of the client details in PPS from a report. Creating your Report To access the Update screen in PPS you will need to be ... Read More
  4. Setting Up PPS Hosted For Apple Mac Installing the free Microsoft Remote Desktop 1. Go to the following link to download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop App on your Apple Mac > 2. Once inst... Read More
  5. Setting up PPS Hosted for Windows This guide takes you through the setup of a Windows Remote Desktop connection for accessing Rushcliff's PPS Hosted Service on a Microsoft Windows PC. The screenshots are based on Windows 7, however, this process is identical in Windows 7, 8.1 an... Read More
  6. Configuring PPS Self Check-In The PPS Self Check-In configurator comprises of one screen with two tabs. The two tabs allow you access to the Practitioner Waiting Room Instructions and Configuration Settings. Practitioner Waiting Room Instructions This screen displays a list... Read More