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  1. Daily Appointments List Date, Location and Practioner The date defaults to todays date, unless a different date has been chosen from the appointments diary screen. The date can be over-written if you need to look at any other set date. Locations ca... Read More
  2. Creating and Modifying Appointments Appointment With The practitioner is normally selected for you based upon the column on the diary you have clicked to add the new appointment to. This list is dependent on which 'System Users' are marked as a practioner within yo... Read More
  3. Blocked Appointments Non-Available Appointment Slot A Block Appointment is a special type of non-client appointment that allows the practioner to block out their time in the diary. This can be for breaks, meetings, teaching sessions, etc. ... Read More
  4. Appointments Diary Notes Appointments Diary Note An appointment note is added in the same way as a normal appointment. It has a date, time, duration, diary user, treatment room & location (the last two are both optional) just like an appointment, but with t... Read More
  5. Recording a Payment A Payment in PPS is recorded when money is received from clients or third parties. A payment must be allocated to an invoice – either immediately or in the future. Recording a payment can be completed from the Task Bar or Accounts -> ... Read More
  6. Setting Up Appointment Diaries And Diary Views The following guide will take you through the process of setting up an appointment diary for your practioners and also how you can view your own diary on the appointments screen. Setting up a User's Appointments Diary The user setup diary... Read More
  7. Walk In List and Pre-Booked Appointments   Walk In List View Options Within the Walk In List screen, the viewing options will show all room and diary user information by default - this can be changed by selecting specific rooms and diary users. The current PPS user log... Read More
  8. Blocking Out Appointment Slots Appointments –> Appointments Diary or <Ctrl A> or Task Bar -> Appointments The PPS Appointments Diary allows you to record all your client appointments, and manage your available appointment times. There are a variety of di... Read More
  9. [Video] Main client details A more detailed video of the PPS client details screen, we take you through each section and explain as we go what information can be recorded on this screen. ... Read More
  10. [Video] Client browse A short video on how to use and configure the client browse screen. ... Read More
  11. [Video] Client log A quick video run through the client log screen with a description of what it can do. ... Read More
  12. [Video] Adding an appointment in PPS remote ... Read More
  13. [Video] Cancelling an appointment in PPS remote ... Read More
  14. [Video] Editing an appointment in PPS remote ... Read More
  15. [Video] Moving an appointment in PPS Remote ... Read More
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