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  1. [Video] Main client details A more detailed video of the PPS client details screen, we take you through each section and explain as we go what information can be recorded on this screen. ... Read More
  2. [Video] Client browse A short video on how to use and configure the client browse screen. ... Read More
  3. [Video] Client log A quick video run through the client log screen with a description of what it can do. ... Read More
  4. Clinical Notes The Clinical Notes facility in PPS is available in the “Professional” version of PPS. This includes areas to record your Clinical Notes, manage Treatment Episodes, complete specific forms (Custom Forms) including body charts, your own questionnai... Read More
  5. Custom Forms Custom Forms is part of PPS Clinical Notes. You can design, create and use forms to collect information about your clients. All forms are accessed from the Consultation screen. Typical examples for use of forms are: Clinical notes records, clinical d... Read More
  6. Zaptag Using Zaptag with PPS This guide will show you how to set up your Zaptag account details within PPS and use the Zaptag functionality – uploading consultation notes, documents and letters to a patients’ online Zaptag account. Before yo... Read More
  7. Client Details Screen Client Details The 'Client Details' screen allows the user in the first instance to create a new record, delete and existing record, search for an existing client. Once a client is selected, details can be printed off, medical history... Read More
  8. Database Maintenance Re-indexing your Database PPS has an option in the Tools menu for database maintenance. This includes a Re-index All Data Files option and an Archive option, both of which should be utilised as part of your regular maintenance routine of PPS. The ... Read More
  9. Client Log Screen Client Log The PPS Client Log is a screen that shows a comprehensive range of information for each individual client. Firstly the client name, address and contact details, then a summary of the information from the Main Client Detail... Read More
  10. Medical History Medical History The medical history is primarily set up in the form of a Yes/No answer questionnaire. For each question, you can select to be alerted if Yes, or No is answered (as appropriate) to each question. To set up the medical history ... Read More
  11. Client Browse Client Browse The Client Browse screen is a way of scrolling through all your client records in a spreadsheet style view. This screen allows you to select the “order” of the list, and then view them in the order you've ch... Read More
  12. Accounts Screen General Accounts The PPS Accounts system includes facilities for you to bill your clients, or third parties, record payments received, and manage all invoices that are overdue for payment. The Accounts are itself is the main hub of t... Read More
  13. BUPA Physiotherapy Tender PPS Reports BUPA Physiotherapy Tender f you are submitting a tender to BUPA as part of their review of physiotherapy providers, then your   application needs to be submitted by midnight on Friday 24 April 2009. he tender application includes various... Read More
  14. Excel Output Exporting Data from PPS into Excel The reports section of PPS is a very important feature, whether it be for simple daily appointment statistics or monthly charges raised. However even though there is a vast amount of information to report... Read More
  15. Creating a New Client Record Creating a New Client record From the Client Details Screen Task Bar -> Client Details or PPS Menu -> Client -> Main Client Detail or <Alt C> 1. I... Read More
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