Adding Text Sets

Text sets allow for quick entry of commonly used words, phrases or sentences into consultations. Whilst PPS comes with some text sets set-up as standard custom sets can be created that are relevant to your practice.

Adding a new text set

New text sets are added through the Clinical notes and text sets look-up table. This is accessed by clicking Tools >> Look-up Tables >> Clinical Notes Symbols and Text Entries.

Once "Text Sets" is highlighted (by single clicking) the "New Text Set" button will become available. Click this button to create a new text set.


Enter a name and description for the text set. The text set can also optionally be assigned to a category from this screen.

Click Save to create this new text set.


Adding new text entries within a text set


Upon highlighting a text set the "New Text", "Modify" and "Delete" buttons will become available. Clicking "New Text" will open the new entry screen to enter your text set entry.

Within the new entry screen the "text description" can be entered, this is the heading that will be displayed for the text set entry when using these within the consultation screen.

The "Text Entry" box is the text that will be entered into the consultation.

A Shortcut Key can be assigned for very common words or phrases used, this allows a specific entry to be inserted into a consultation using a quick keyboard shortcut.

The "Modify" button will allow you to edit the currently selected item whilst the "Delete" will remove the text set completely.

Adding sub-text entries

Sub text entries allow for a chain of relevant words, sentences or phrases to be created. Upon adding a text set entry into a consultation the text set pallet updates to show the available sub text entries for the current text set being used.

When an existing text set is selected the "New Sub Text" button becomes available.

Click this button to create a new sub text. Sub texts work in the same way as the initial text set entries: they require both a title and a text entry to be added and can have keyboard shortcuts assigned.

Multiple levels of sub text entries can be used to create a fast method of entering commonly used phrases and sentences into consultation notes.

Using Texts sets

To use your text set entries click on the "Text" button to switch the text pallet on/off. The drop down menu will show the available text sets with the available entries below.


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