Backing Up

This Help guide explains how to back up your data from within PPS. It is recommended that you backup your data at least once per day and also you should copy the backup onto an external drive. This is to make sure that if your PC has any issues (hard drive crash, Virus etc) then you still have access to the backup on a separate disk (or storage device) and you can then easily restore the data onto your new computer (or repaired computer).

It is vital that you back up your data - if you do not have a backup and your computer fails, you may permanently lose all your records. It is your responsibility to make sure that you take regular back-up copies of your data.

PPS Backup

  1. From you main PPS Screen go to Tools > Backup.

  2. In this example we will work on the basis that we are backing up your entire database. In step 1 you need to select all folders.

  3. In step 2 you need to select <Encrypt the Backup file> and then <Copy Backup to another location or disk>.

  4. Now click on the ... button.

  5. You then locate your removable disk and click OK.

  6. Now Click Backup.

  7. The backup utility will now start the file compression and backup of your database.

  8. You will then receive confirmation that the backup has been successful.

  9. Finish by clicking Close.

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