Booking Confirmations Reminders And Follow Ups

About client contact preferences

The client preferences in PPS are designed to control the preferred method of contacting a client for various confirmations, reminders and mail shots that you may want to send out, be it e-mail, letter, SMS or as a simple reminder for yourself to telephone the client at a specific time and date.

Here is a brief rundown on what the 4 client contact options are:

Booking Confirmations
These are sent to the client immediately after booking the appointment.

Appointment Reminders
These are scheduled reminders that are sent so many days before the patient’s appointment upcoming appointment.

Appointment Follow-up Reminders
These can be scheduled several weeks or months after the appointment as a reminder for your client to book another appointment.

Marketing and Mail shots
Used to determine how we want to contact clients for mail shots - for example - by letter, email or both

Setting up your client preferences

Note: This guide will take you through mass editing all of your clients contact preferences to suit your general requirements; however individual clients can have their preferred contact methods edited at any time within the client details screen.

  1. The following global update method is used to change the preferences for all clients in the database in one go. Firstly you will need to go to your PPS Menu > Tools > Options > General System Options.

  2. From here you will need to select the ‘Set Up Client Preferences’ tab on the top right. You will then see the screen as shown in the picture below.

  3. In here you will have 4 rows for your various contact methods that PPS offers that have 8 columns overall.

  4. The first 4 columns are for the “Auto-Select” methods of contacting clients, which is designed to work in the way of firstly trying to contact a client via e-mail, and then via letter for instance. (So when sending an appointment reminder, the system will try and send an e-mail, but if that client doesn’t have an email address in client details, it will then try and print out a letter to be sent to the client if they have their address on PPS).

  5. The second 4 columns are for selecting the appropriate boxes for the “And / Or Always switch on” method, which equates to a simple ‘yes contact this client via this method’ if ticked. There are no preferred contact methods here. The example here being if a client can be contact via Letter and E-mail, the system will ask you how to you wish to contact the client.

  6. Once you’ve selected you preferred method of contact, click on Apply at the bottom of the screen, and once you do this the Update Now! button will be selectable, so click on this where you will then be greeted by 2 pop up messages, both confirming that you wish to action this change to all your client. Click on OK on both once you are sure you wish to update all your client records.
    Note: Depending on the number of clients you have on your system, this update could either take seconds or minutes, so as a precaution make sure that you have 5/10 minutes spare on PPS as the system will be unavailable in this time on the PC that you are on.

  7. If you wish to update only a few clients manually, you can simply go to your client details screen and scroll down to your Preference section and tick the appropriate boxes here.

Setting up Reminder Options

Note: You will need to have activity templates setup before you progress any further – if you have not used the templates that are required for this section before, please refer to the Activity Templates guide found on the support pages of the website.

  1. This next step needs to be carried out to activate the confirmation and reminders system using the preferences that have now been setup.

  2. To setup Reminder options go to Tools > Options > Appointment Diary Options, then click on to the ‘Reminders’ tab.

  3. In this screen you will have 4 sections. The first 3 are what we need to concentrate on, as these 3 deal with the Booking confirmations, Appointment reminders and Follow-up Reminders respectively.

  4. In the Appointment Booking Confirmation section, you can check the tick box to enable this feature firstly; you can then choose which activity template you will use to contact your clients. Finally you will have the ‘how to process’ row, which shows letters, e-mails, SMS messages and telephone sections.
    Disabled- This doesn’t use the activity template for this method of confirmation.

    Prompted - Prompts you if you want to create the confirmation or not, then asks you if you want to print e-mail the document.

    Automatic - Automatically creates the confirmation and then asks you if you want to print/send e-mail.

  5. In the Appointment Reminders section, firstly you have the option of ticking the box to enable reminders. You can then schedule when to send a reminder depending on when the appointments has been made in the future and also how many days before the appointment you want to send them the actual reminder.

  6. You can then also choose to move the reminder based on when the reminder falls on at the weekend as well as selecting which template to choose.

  7. Finally it will ask which of your PPS system users wish to be prompted and if the process is going to be prompted or automatic. Generally it’s best for all your users to be prompted, but if you just want one system user to have this notification, select them in here.

  8. Lastly we have the Appointment Follow-up Reminders Section. You can simply tick the box to enable this feature, decide who gets prompted and how this gets processed as with the above methods.

Testing your new setup

  1. To test your new setup to make sure everything is working, you can book a new appointment in as normal, and then once the appointment has been finalised, PPS will either automatically send the booking confirmation, or you will see the screen below as per your setup with either automatic or prompted processes:

  2. Once you have decided to send your confirmation (via the above e-mail method or your own type of confirmation) you will then be prompted by the reminders screens.

  3. If you have automatic appointment reminders setup, you will see the above box that notifies you that it has been setup.

  4. If you chose to be prompted you will receive the following message asking to click either Yes or No for setting up a scheduled reminder.

  5. Once the appointment reminders are due, upon next logging into the system the user may be prompted saying there are outstanding activities to be completed if any are due. These activities can be accessed from your PPS Menu > Activities > Process Outstanding Activities.

  6. You will then have your list of various activities. You can click on any of the ones embolden and in blue. This will take you to the process screen.

  7. From here you can decided if you wish to click either Process or Dismiss each activity or Auto-Process all of your activities in the list.

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