Client List Report

PPS Reports are broken down into six categories: Client, Activities, Accounts, Clinical Notes, Appointments and Favourites.

Beside each of the sections there is a Run and Open button. Run displays a screen allowing you to select just a date range for the selected report for quick operation.

Open opens the report wizard guiding you through the other parameters that can be applied.

Setting up and running your report

In this example we will run a report to show a full list of all clients on your system in the last year.

  1. From your main PPS screen go to Reports > PPS Reports & Mail merge.

  2. Click on the Client tab and highlight the Client report, click Open. Select All Occurrences. You can navigate between the different sections of the report wizard by clicking the tab sections at the top of the screen or clicking back or next. Click the date range tab to go to the next section.

  3. Select last year. As we have now made all the necessary selections for this report we then click Finish.

  4. You now have the option to Print, Preview, Mail Merge, To File and Close.

For information on the Report Output options refer to the PPS Help Guides – Report Output.pdf.

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