Commission Rates

Setting up this feature will allow your practioners to receive commission based on various types of treatments they conduct in an individual basis. The guide will firstly take you over the process of setting up a basic overall commission for your practioner. The 2nd section will take you through the individual commission rates for each of your practioners. Finally we’ll take you through the commission reports so you can see exactly who has received which types of commission rates that you setup.

Section 1 – Overall Commission Rates

When setting up commission rates, there are two areas where you can actually set this up, although each area differs in respect of what can actually be done. Firstly we will deal with the area to setup an overall commission rate on everything your specific practioner is associated with.
Note: This method is not recommended for practices that have more than just treatments setup on their system, as setting an overall commission rate will give your practioner commission on sundry items amongst other types of treatments and stock items. Please refer to Section 2 – Individual Commission Rates for a more details commission rate setup.

  1. Firstly go to the PPS Menu > Tools > Setup System Users.

  2. In here you need to select your client and click on Modify.

  3. You can they set the overall commission rate on all appointments and charges raised with this practioner in the User Set Up area of the User Profiles screen. Once done you can click on Save to close. Please refer to the note at the start of section 1 before proceeding with this to clarify that this is what you require.

Section 2 – Individual Commission Rates

Note: Before progressing, it is worth noting that to setup commission rates on an individual basis your treatment charges should all have charge types assigned to them. You can check this by going to your Standard Charges and Stock items menu in Look up Tables and making sure everything has the “Type“ column filled in.

  1. The 2nd area whereby commission rates can be set up is a more versatile and customised setup for your practioners. In the PPS Menu > Tools > Look up tables.

  2. In here under the Accounts Tables section will be the "practioner commission rates". Click on this then click on the Open button.

  3. From here you can see any existing Practioner Commission Rates that have been previously setup, along with the ability to Modify or Delete them if needed. From this screen though you will need to click on the Add button.

  4. There will be 3 field boxes to be utilised here. Firstly the Practioner box requires you to select your specified practioner that requires the commission; secondly you will need to select your charge type that the practioner will receive commission on E.G. General Treatments, Acupuncture or Hydrotherapy. Finally you require to input the percentage that your practioner will receive for this treatment type.

  5. Once this has been done simply click on Save and this will apply the commission to the practioner. You can assign as many rates to as many practioners as you want to. Any treatment types not inputted for commission will stay the same. This way if a client also has a sundry item added to his overall invoice, the practioner will not receive any commission on that item.

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