Creating a Multi-Charge Item

PPS now includes the ability to create “multiple standard charges” on your ‘List of Standard Charges’ screen. This new option allows you to set up a Standard Charge item which is actually a collection of other standard charges from your list. You assign a unique code and description to the multi-charge item and then select which standard charges (and quantities thereof) to be included.

This new feature allows you to put "packages" together which you perhaps sell as one unit but requires breakdown of individual items on the invoice. The help guide assumes that you are familiar with creating standard charges and stock items within the PPS Look Up Tables.

Note: This feature is only available in v4.0.67 of PPS and above. If you have a support contract then you are entitled to this update and any future updates on the day of release. PPS will automatically download this update and notify you when it has downloaded and waiting to be installed.

Creating a Multi-Charge Item

1. To create a Multi-Charge Item you must navigate to your PPS Menu > Tools > Look Up Tables > highlight ‘Standard Charges and Stock Items’ > click Open .

2. Within here you will need to define the ‘Description’ box to your unique multi charge description, along with creating a custom ‘Charge Code’, specifying a ‘Charge Type’ and ‘Category’.

3. To select a charge to insert into the ‘Multi-Charge Item’ you must click on the code column, as shown in the red circle above, type in part of an existing charge code and then click on the Insert button below, or simply hit ‘Enter/Return’ on the keyboard. You will be shown the following screen:

4. Search for and highlight the appropriate charge, and then click on the Select button. Repeat section 3 of this help document above until all the charges that you require have been inserted into the ‘Multi-Charges Item’. The total price of all items will display in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

5. Items appearing on the list can also be order by using the up and down arrow buttons, along with being taken from the multi-charge item by highlighting the charge in question and clicking on the Remove button.

6. Once you have chosen the respective charges that will form your new multi-charge item, you are able to click on the Save button, which will populate the charge into the list of Standard Charges and Stock Items.

Note: If you wish to create a new Multi-Charge based on an existing Multi-Charge, you can modify the existing Multi-Charge and then use the Save as New button to save yourself some time and effort!

This concludes the PPS Help Guide


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