Custom Form Merge Fields

One of the newer features of PPS (v4.0.55 and onwards) takes merges fields to the next level by being able to use them within custom forms. You can define as many questions as you need to use merge fields, which enables you to automatically send the questions and answers from the forms into a Microsoft Word document or PPS letter. In addition, each Custom Form can have its own Word document associated with it so that the form can be printed directly to a Word document from the Custom Form screen which can be extremely useful for companies that require a strictly formatted questionnaire/form to be used.
Note: The following Guide is based on the assumption that you are familiar with the custom forms process of PPS and have an understanding of how this works. If you’re unsure, please consult the appropriate PPS Clinical Notes Help Guide before continuing.

Creating Your Questions

  1. Firstly you will need to create the questions that will go into your custom form. These can be accessed by going to the PPS ‘Custom Forms Maintenance’ screen from within the Tools menu, and clicking on the New button in the questions section.

  2. Once you have come to the ‘Add a New Question’ screen, you simply need to follow the process of adding in the question category, type etc. Once you enter in the heading of the question, this will produce a box at the bottom of the screen entitled ‘Word Merge Field Name’ with your newly created merge field. Follow the same process for all of your questions.

  3. Additionally, if you have a question which you would like automatically to be filled in via data already inputted, you can do so from an existing merge field. Insert the merge field into the headings/answers of the question you have created and then this will automatically display when you produce the form itself.

  4. If you already have your questions setup, you can simply click on the Modify button and then enter in the merge field name of your choice if it is not already filled in automatically.

Creating Your MS Word Template

Below is an example how a form will be used. Generally it is a case of simply entering in the merge fields from the client’s details, appointments, or treatment episodes or for any answers that you need from questions that are taken from a consultation.

Attaching Your MS Word Template

  1. The MS Word document that you will be attaching may be simply a medical health questionnaire or an initial assessment form. Once you have located your Word document you will need to attach it to the relevant Custom Form. To do this go to Tools > Custom Form Maintenance.

  2. Select the form you require from the ‘Maintain Your Forms’ menu and click on the Modify button on the bottom of the screen.

  3. You will be show the above menu, simply click on the Select Word Document button and attach the document you require to be filled in via merged fields from your custom form.

Producing Your Word Document

  1. Once you have setup all of your questions with merge fields that are required, have attached your word document with the appropriate merge fields in and completed your custom form, you will see the button at the bottom of the form.

  2. This will now open up your Word document with all the merge fields entered into the areas you have specified.

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