Custom Forms Reports

Custom Form Reports

PPS provides users with the ability to report on any of the custom forms they have already used. This feature provides very powerful reporting on specific information and criteria, which is outputted to a spread sheet format. The following guide will take you through how each section of the Custom Form Reports work. Because a concise walk through guide of custom form reporting would need to assume you were using the same custom form as the author, we have instead split the guide into specific segments on very generic forms so that you can apply these examples to any of your existing forms whilst remaining as detailed as possible.

Creating and selecting your custom form

To access Custom Form Reports, you will need to navigate to your PPS Menu and select “Reports”. Later, this area will become populated with various saved forms; however at this present time you may find the list area is empty. Click on “New” to start creating your new report. The “Report Name” and “Notes” entry fields are for your informational purposes, so make sure you enter a descriptive name for the report you are running.

You then have a choice of three “Report Styles” that you can choose:

Note: You will notice a tick box to prompt you for a mailshot – only tick this if you wish to turn your report into a mailshot and process a ready-made activity template.

If you selected the 2nd option on the list, you will be prompted to select your form from the drop down menu. If you selected the 3rd option on the list, you will be prompted to select a question from the drop down menu.

Selected Excel Output Columns

Here you can select which details to appear on your Excel Spreadsheet when you have run the report.

1. "List of Clients matching selected Criteria"

Simply select which client fields you need in the ‘Selected Excel Output Options’

2. "Details from a selected form"

Here, you will need to select the custom form which you would like to report on. Next you can choose your required client fields as before and finally choose the custom form questions which you need to be pulled through onto your Excel Spreadsheet.

3. "Results from a selected question"

Similar to ‘Details from a selected form’, this option allows you to restrict your results to a certain custom form question rather than the entire custom form. After choosing your question from the drop down list, specify your client fields as before. You can also tick to ‘optionally include these results into your Excel Output’.

Date Range and Criteria

There are three options for applying a date range to your custom form report. You can apply the date range to; ‘Date Form Added’ (when you added this form to your database), ‘Date Form Last Modified’ (when you last added changes to the custom form through the custom form designer), or ‘None’.

The criteria function works in a similar way to that of the general reports wizard. By pressing ‘Update’ you will be able to apply certain criteria to the way questions have been answered in the custom form.

For example, shown below we are restricting our report to view results of clients who have only answered ‘Yes’ which is Equal to Value 1 to our ‘Have you had this pain for longer than 2 weeks?’ question.

The ‘() Bracket’ option can be inserted after you have applied a certain amount of specific criteria. This function will group the criteria in the bracket together and give preference to the group.

Running your report

When you are happy with the report you have built, you can ‘Save’ it and this will appear in the Custom Form Reports list. To use the report simply hit the ‘Run’ button which will open your results in an Excel Spreadsheet.

You may be prompted to choose a date range if you have not already specified this in the ‘Date Range and Criteria’ section.


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