Database Maintenance

Re-indexing your Database

PPS has an option in the Tools menu for database maintenance. This includes a Re-index All Data Files option and an Archive option, both of which should be utilised as part of your regular maintenance routine of PPS.

The Re-Index option reorganizes your data files to ensure optimum speed of access to your records during normal PPS use and further ensures that if you use PPS Sync Server, all data can synchronise correctly.

To perform a re-index you need to make sure that you are the ONLY person logged into PPS and if you are a PPS Sync Server user, it is shut down before proceeding.

Note: If you have a multi-site clinic, each database will NEED to be re-indexed seperately on a regular basis. When performing the re-index you only need to ensure your local sites users are logged out - other sites can operate as normal.

This option also identifies and fixes a range of minor database corruptions that are sometimes caused by computer failures, power cuts, etc. The Archive option allows you to archive your older audit records.

  1. To run a re-index, go to Tools > Database Maintenance > Re-index.

  2. Click OK on the next prompt.

  3. The next screen will appear if you have not archived your audit within the last month. Click Yes if you wish to archive your audit now, if not click No.

  4. Note: If performing an archive of older audit records, please make sure that your PPS system will not be needed as depending on the last time your audit was archived, it may take more than 1 hour for this process to complete.

  5. Your data will now begin to re-index. Depending on the size of the database and when the last re-index was run, it can take from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes.

  6. Once the re-index is complete, you can resume system use as normal.

Archiving your Appointments Diary

Archiving your appointments diary is the next step to speeding up your live system. It basically takes the older appointments and places them into a secondary file, so when you initially access your diary, it doesn’t need to load up all the past information. You can still access your archived appointments from the client log and the archived appointments list, along with running reports on the archived data. PLEASE NOTE: You cannot un-archive your appointments diary.

  1. Go to Tools > Database Maintenance > Archive Appointments Diary.

  2. Select the date range that you wish to archive, for example, anything over 40 weeks old.

  3. You will now be prompted to make sure that you wish to archive your appointments. Click Yes to continue.

  4. The Appointments will now be archived. Click OK to be taken to the main screen and to continue using PPS in a normal manner.

Archiving your Completed Activities.

You can set the re-index procedure to archive you completed activities for ‘x’ amount of weeks. Typically this is set to around 26 weeks, but the more often you archive completed activities, the more the improvement to your network speed of PPS.

To configure this option, go to Tools > Options > General System Options and alter the ‘Auto-Prompts’ Area as shown below.

Client & Third Party Consolidation

If you have duplicate clients or third parties on the system, you can use this feature to consolidate and merge the details of duplicate entries into one single entry.

  1. To access this feature, you will need to navigate to Tools > Database Maintenance > Client/Third-Party Consolidation Utility.

  2. Firstly you will need to select the third party type if you are merging third parties. Once selected you will need to select both entries that need to be merged together. You can select both of them by using the Search button. The first entry will be deleted, whereas the second entry will receive all of the data from the first.

  3. Note: When merging client details, please take note that unlike third party details, not everything is merged. Medical History records will not transfer, and third party contacts are not transferred from the deleted selection.

  4. Once both selections have been made, you will now be required to click on the Consolidate! Button to merge the first entry into the 2nd entry.

  5. Click OK to proceed with the data merge.

  6. Your data will now be merged together, with information containing the number of records transferred from the deleted entry into the modified entry. Click OK and then re-index your database as soon as you can to make sure everything is fully updated.

Sync Server Re-Index

Sync server re-indexing is a new feature to PPS. Its main purpose is to check all data files that sync, and to ensure that they all have their own index keys. Without an index key the appropriate data will not sync. If you are ever unsure that information on one machine has not been synced across to other systems, then please contact PPS Support as this will need to be run under supervision and investigation may be needed before this utility is used


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