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Downloadable Custom Forms & Text Sets

Below is our directory of frequently requested custom forms and texts sets. If there is a form/text set which you would like to use in your PPS system, simply download it and upload it into your database!
Note: The Pro version of PPS is required to use the Custom Forms & Clinical Notes feature

Custom Forms

1. Insurance Company Consultations
a. Bupa Therapies Management Form
2. Physiotherapy
a. Knee Assessment
b. Elbow Assessment
c. Hip Assessment
d. Lumbar Spine Assessment
e. Spine Assessment
f. Wrist/Hand Assessment
g. Low Back Pain
3. Podiatry
a. Diabetic Foot Assessment
b. Annual Diabetic Foot Assessment
c. Gait Analysis
d. Non Weight Bearing Assessment
e. Podiatry Assessment Form
4. Osteopathy
a. Discharge & Outcome Report
b. Initial Assessment
c. Paediatric Neonatal Osteopathic Template
5. Dentistry
a. Dental Plague Examination
b. Dental Examination
c. Routine Dental Examination

Text Sets

1. Subjective MSK Physio Notes
2. Objective MSK Physio Notes
3. Treatment Notes Dictionaries
4. General Notes Dictionaries

Uploading Custom Forms to your PPS system:

Once you have downloaded your form go to your Tools menu > Custom Forms Designer and then click on Load.

You will need to select your form by pressing the ... button and selecting the location of where it was saved onto your PC (probably the Downloads folder). Once selected, you will simply need to confirm this is the correct form and then click on Load.

Uploading Text Sets to your PPS system:

Once you have downloaded your text set go to Tools > Look-Up Tables > Clinical Notes Symbols & Text Entries then click on Load.


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