Expenditure Management Help Guide

Expenditure Management

Expenditure Management is an optional PPS Module. With it you can record the expenses of your business, from sundries, to gas and electric bills - even staff wages. Furthermore from the information that you input into the system, you can run reports based on the criteria and details of your expenses.

Adding an Expense to the System

  1. To access expenditure management, you will need to navigate to your PPS Menu > Accounts > Expenditure Management.

  1. Initially you will have a blank data sheet, so you will need to click on the New button to bring up the ‘Add New Expenditure Record’ screen.

c. Firstly you will need to create the supplier. Click on the Add button next to ‘Supplier’.

d. The list will be empty if this is the first time selecting a supplier. Click on the Add button to bring up the following screen.

e. In this screen you will need to add in the various details of the supplier. The term supplier can be used loosely as the ‘Supplier Name’ field can be used for anything, from a supplier of stationary, to your own companies name if you are recording wages from a cleaner.

Details in here are not mandatory, but it is important to fill in the Supplier name, Unique ID and Expense Type. Once done click on Save. This ‘Supplier’ will now be added to the list.

f. Now you will have to fill in the following fields. Inputting data into these fields is not mandatory, but the more details you record, the more options you will have for your accounts along with further ability to define your various reports via breakdown and criteria options.

g. Once you have a few expense items recorded, from the main screen, you can filter on Supplier, Practioner and Expense types, along with altering some of the columns by clicking on their grey border.

Using the Practice Expenditure Report

  1. The Expenditure report can be accessed from the PPS Menu > Reports > Reports and Mail Merge > Accounts tab > Practice Expenditure Report > Open.

  1. The report allows you to report on all the information you have entered into the system, from the above option to include either or both of the purchases paid or not paid, to the options below to define what you wish to include in the report print out itself.

  1. You can further define the report via the breakdowns and criteria tabs of the report as well.

  1. Once done, click on Finish and preview/print the report you have created.
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