Favourite Reports

The Favourites tab can be accessed from the Reports & Mail Merge option. This is where you can store frequently used reports like below.

To add a new report to the Favourites section, simply click the ‘Add to Favourites’ button when in the Reports Wizard. 

You now have a few options:

Report Name: Define how you wish the report to be named in the Favourites tab
Category: This is particularly useful if you have several Favourites reports. Split the reports under different categories such as ‘Accounts Reports’ and ‘Client Reports’.
Available to: Here you can restrict who your Favourites report will be available to access in PPS. You can even define a certain group of people in PPS such as the Admin Team. 
Help Text: This section allows you to add a definition of the report which will be displayed when you have highlighted the report in the Favourites tab. 
Order: Organise your reports in a certain order by adding a number here. 


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