Follow Up Reminders

Appointment Follow up Reminders

PPS allows you to schedule a follow up reminder based on each appointment type.

follow up reminders -1For example, you can automatically schedule an email to remind patients when 6 months since their last appointment has passed.
The first thing you will need to do is enable PPS to send out follow up appointment reminders, you can do this by clicking tools >> options >> appointment diary options, select the reminders tab and tick to enable follow up reminders.

Secondly you will need to select a template to use for your follow up reminder, the following guide will take you through how to set up an activity template: Activity Templates.

Any templates that you set up for this purpose will need to be categorised as a ‘follow up appointment reminder’ when creating the template.

Follow up reminders 2

Depending on how you intend to use the follow up reminder, you may need to set up multiple templates which will suit each appointment type (e.g one follow up reminder may be suitable for one type of appointment such as physio, but you may require a different follow up reminder after a different appointment type such as massage)

Follow up reminders-3
Once you have enabled your follow up reminders and set up your template you can then associate the follow up reminders to each relevant appointment type. You can do this by clicking tools>>look up tables and in the bottom right hand corner box titled ‘appointments diary tables’ select ‘appointment type’ from the list and click open.

Select your appointment type from the list and click modify, in the next window you will be able to select the template you wish to use for this appointment type and set the interval at which you wish the correspondence to be sent (e.g. 6 months after the appointment) save these changes and repeat the
process for any other appointment types as necessary.

Generating follow up reminders based upon charges only

Generate follow up reminders independently of appointments. Here’s how to set it up:

The first step is to assign a follow up template to your charge, to do this click tools>>look up tables. Within the look up tables click ‘standard charges and stock items’ found in the accounts tables and select ‘open’.

From here you can choose to add a new charge by clicking ‘add’ at the bottom of the window, or alter an existing charge by highlighting said charge in the list and choosing ‘modify’.

Within the charges window you will see a section titled follow up, here you can select the period of time after which you wish the reminder to be sent, the template that you wish to send out in association with this charge and how you would like it to be processed.

In terms of processing you can choose to be asked if you would like to send the reminder each time you raise the charge or you can automate the process to send the reminder as soon as the charge is raised, without notifying you. There will still be a record of the activity on the client log if you choose to automate the process.


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