How To Move PPS To A New PC

Note: To ensure that your PC meets the minimum requirements to run PPS please see the PPS system requirements page
This help guide explains how to move your PPS system from its current PC/Laptop to a new PC/Laptop. The steps below ensure the configuration and content of your current PPS system remains the same once all of the data transferred.

This help guide is only relevant for stand-alone PPS systems – i.e. where the software and database are located on the same computer system.

Please note that all users must be logged out of PPS when completing this procedure, it is advisable to complete the database move at a time when other users will not log into PPS during the move.

As when making any changes to your IT setup it is advisable to take an external backup of PPS before starting a move to a new PC.

If you would like the PPS Support Team to organise this set up and transfer for you we are able to do this for a one off fee starting at £60 + VAT providing that you already have a PPS Support Contract. If you would like to take advantage of this facility please call 0845 0680 777 and select option 1 (PPS Sales Team).

Section 1 – Installing PPS on your new PC

To install a new blank copy of PPS onto your new PC, you can either:

  • Use your original installation CD (provided it is reasonably up-to-date i.e. the same version of PPS you are still using).

  • Alternatively, you can install the software by downloading an up-to-date installation:
    PPS Version 4 Setup.

Important - During the installation, please make sure that the software installs successfully. Do not proceed any further if the software does not install correctly. It is also worth noting that if you have an older version of PPS (for instance V3.2) then this new install will not change anything with your older software and V4 will install itself as an entirely seperate software package.

Once the installation is complete, this essentially is a blank unregistered main copy of PPS.

Section 2 – Installing PPS Sync Server on your new PC

You only need to download PPS Sync Server if you currently use it to synchronise with other PPS locations. If you were not previously running PPS Sync Server, then proceed to section 3.

  1. Install PPS Sync Server on your new pc via the following link: PPS Sync Server Setup.

  2. Make sure that you install sync server to the PPS-Database location, the default location is c:\PPSv4.0\PPS-Database.

  3. Once moved, you will need to notify your PPS Support Team to unlock your Sync Server so that it can download and upload transactions from the new PC.

Section 3 – Copying and transferring your existing PPS System

Sync Server Users - Please Note: On the original PC you will need to sync the system up to date and then close sync server completely for the duration of the move. If sync continues to run on the original PC during or after the move then the moved data will be out of date and the move will need to be re-done.
Once you have moved your main database, you will need to contact PPS Support to allow your PPS Sync Server to run from the new PC. Please ensure you do not need sync to instantly download new transactions if you are doing this out of hours.

On the original PC, we need to take a full copy of the PPSv4.0 folder and place it onto a memory stick, CD or network drive. We normally recommend that a USB memory stick is the best way to do this.

On the Original PC.

a) Launch My Computer from the Windows Desktop or the Windows Start menu.

  1. Open the local disk C drive.

  2. Point to the PPSv4.0 folder with the mouse and right-click.

  3. From the pop-up menu select “Send To” and select your memory stick – this will normally be drive D: or E: and will show the name of the memory stick.

  4. Wait while the files copy. Make sure that the copy completes fully and that there are no error messages like “insufficient space on the memory stick” etc.

  5. Once the copy is complete, remove the memory stick.

On the New PC

  1. Insert your memory stick and open to “View the contents”. You see the PPSv4.0 folder you copied from the original PC.

  2. Copy it to the Windows clipboard. To do this, you can point to it, Right-Click and select Copy.

  3. Launch My Computer from the Windows Desktop or Windows Start menu.

  4. Locate the Local Disk C: drive, and while pointing to the Local Disk C: drive icon, Right-Click and select Paste.
Note: Do NOT paste the folder into the PPSv4.0 folder on the C drive of the new PC – if you do this you will end up with a copy of the PPSv4.0 folder within a PPSv4.0 folder. You must select to Paste directly onto the C drive icon.

You will then be prompted if you would like to replace the existing folder. Click Yes to All. If this prompt does not appear, then you have not selected the correct location to copy to.

It is advised when overwriting data you check you are overwriting the blank folder in the new location, once data is overwritten it can not be recovered.

You have now successfully moved your PPS database to your new pc; you can now login to the system as you previously did.

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