Installing A Network Version

The below process explains how to install the network version of PPS. This will connect to your main PPS database over your local network allowing additional users and workstations access to the system.

If you have moved your PPS Database and need to reconnect machines with the network version of PPS already installed then proceed straight to Section 2 of this guide. This will take you through the steps required to point your existing PPS installation to the new location of the main database.

Note: To ensure that your PC meets the minimum requirements to run PPS please see the PPS system requirements page
Important Information - Networking

Please remember - as a prerequisite, your Windows network will already need to be in place and you will need to be able to see the PC that has the PPS database on it in the list of network places you can access.

The main "PPS-Database" folder will also need to be shared with full permissions for other computers to connect with full access rights.

You or your company are solely responsible for putting this in place before you are able to use a network copy of PPS.

Section 1 - Installing the PPS network Version

Install the PPS network version on your new PC by downloading the PPS Network Setup file here. This essentially is a main copy of PPS but without its own usable database.

Section 2 - Locating your PPS Database Folder

a. Now you have installed the PPS Network Version you need to locate the PPS database through the log in screen. In versions 85 or later you can do this via the settings icon that is revealed when you press the down arrow. In other versions of PPS select the Locate a Database Icon.

b. From the Locate the Database screen use the ... button to browse to the location of your PPS database over your local network. Alternatively, enter the path to the database in the text field. Click OK once done and you will return to the Locate the Database screen. You will need to give your database a name in the Database Name field. This can be the name of your clinic, for example, or simply "PPS Database".

c. Press OK to return to the log in screen where you will be able to log in as your normally would.

If you would like the PPS Support team to organise this installation for you via remote internet access then we are able to do this for a fee of £60 + VAT. If you would like to take advantage of this facility please call 0845 0680 777 and select option 1 (PPS Sales Team). We are not able to set up the network connection between machines as part of this process. This would need to be in place before the installation.


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