Invoice Processing

Below is a step by step guide that will take you through your weekly/monthly payment runs and any general invoice processing tasks from within PPS

Invoice processing

  1. Firstly PPS Menu > Accounts > Invoice Processing.

  2. In this screen, choose if you want to raise all invoices, or just client or third party invoices. You can optionally select a specific third party if you wish to. You can then decide if you want to select a specific charge location or simply just all locations along with creating one invoice per client with regards to third parties, or if you wish to have all charges from various clients to a third party on one invoice.

  3. Finally select the data range you require, and then click on OK.

  4. Click OK on the next box as show above.

  5. You then want to confirm all the details are correct on this preview screen – most importantly if you want to separate invoice per client, and also if you want to separate invoice per location.

  6. Also make sure that the date used for invoice processing is the one you need (located in the top right corner) – If you wish to raise all invoices with the same date, ensure you have selected “Data invoice is created” in Tools > Options > Invoice Options first and then choose the appropriate date in the date box next to the text ‘“Today’s” date to use for invoice processing’.

  7. Once happy with the selections, click on either Create All Invoices or Create Invoice depending on your choice.

  8. Click OK to proceed.

  9. You will then be taken to the PPS print invoices screen. Select the invoices you wish to print via the Select ... Button on the bottom left.

Note: You do not need to print off all your invoices here. You can print them off anytime at a later date from Accounts > Invoices / Receipts List.


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