Layout Designer

The layout designer section of PPS controls how your invoices, statement of accounts, letters, labels and estimates appear. This guide will show you how to make a quick change to the letterhead address and all the way through to totally customising your invoice layouts.

Note: Although this guide refers to the “Invoice layout” designer screen, the layout designer in other areas sections of PPS work exactly the same so as an example, you would insert an image into the statement of account layout exactly as you would for the invoice layout.

Letterheads, Headers and Footers

Note: Before continuing, it’s worth noting that solely with invoice layouts, you will have 2 standard layouts that cannot be altered. In the first instance, you will need to click on one of the standard invoice layouts and then click “Copy” button to give you he option to give the new invoice layout and name and then click on the “Save copy as” button – once made you can then customise this newly created invoice layout.
  1. The invoice layout designer can be found in the PPS Menu > Tools > Layout Designer. You then must specify which layout you wish to edit, and then click on the Modify button.

  2. When opening up your invoice layout, you will notice in the header section of the invoice there are 5 lines of text each with a smaller font on each line, all entitled “letterhd”.

  3. These 5 lines pick up the address you may have already entered into your “Set Up Letterhead” screen.. This can be found from the PPS Menu > Tools > System Setup > Setup PPS Letterhead. This can be left as it is, or it can be highlighted and deleted to make room for your custom header which may contain customised images and/or text.

  4. The headers and footers sections can be seen on the top and bottom of the layout, these are the ideal places to modify, so you do not disturb the body of the layout and content of the standard invoice template too much until you’re fully aware of the text and image process explained below in sections 2 and 3.

  5. The headers and footers sections located at the top and bottom of the layout are ideal areas to modify. Other sections within the invoice layout can be more sensitive as they contain fields with values that may only work within that “section”.

Inserting, Editing and Styling Text

  1. When a layout in the ‘Report Designer’ area is opened up you will notice the ‘Report Control’ box hovering over your layout. This gives you quick access to the most common features for editing. The ‘Label A’ button has highlighted in the image below is used to insert and edit text.

  2. An example of text being entered into the footer of a layout is show below.

  3. By clicking the ‘Label A’ button and then clicking where you would like to start typing will allow you to enter the text as shown by the example. The Return key (Enter) will allow you enter a new line of text. Once you have your text inserted, you can then format the font to your own liking by going to your PPS Menu > Format > Font.

  4. If you then want to then surround your text with a black border, you can do this by simply selecting the Rectangle or Rounded Rectangle buttons and then clicking and holding on the layout, dragging to the desired size, then releasing the mouse button. An example of this is shown below.

Inserting and Editing Images

  1. If you have a company logo in image format (typically .JPEG, .BMP, .GIF, .TIFF, .PNG formats) and wish to include this to appear on your invoices and other correspondence you should use the 'Logo' button (shown below) on the 'Invoice Layouts' screen to upload the image to your PPS Database folder. 

  2. Choose 'Modify' and navigate to the 'Report Control' box within your custom layout as show below.

  3. From here select the “OLE” image button and then on your layout, click the area that you roughly wish the image to appear.

  4. Then Report Picture box will now open up. From here you will need to click on the ... button next to the File box selected, and locate your image file from your PPS Database folder.

  5. Once selected you will then need to select how the image will be laid out from the 3 options it provides. “Scale picture, retain shape” is the most commonly used setting and often produces the best result. Once this has been selected, click the OK button on the top right of the "Report Picture" screen.

  6. The image of your choice should now appear in the location you have selected. You can then resize the image by clicking on it and then dragging the borders to the appropriate size which should ensure the correct image shape. You can also click and drag the picture to the exact location you want it to appear if needed.

  7. A useful option is also to send the image to the back of the document, so if there is any text in the way, you can choose to show that on top of the image. If you click on your image to select it, and then go from the PPS Menu > Format > Send to Back. (Or simply click on the image and press Ctrl-J).


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