Managing Stock Batches with PPS

PPS can be used in an EPOS (Electronic Point-Of-Sale) environment. While PPS is not a dedicated cash register and stock control system, it does include simple stock levels management and can be used to serve your clients in a “shop-style” at your front desk.

As well as stock levels PPS now has the ability to manage ‘Stock Batches’. This is useful for keeping track of stock items that are known as perishable goods with expiry dates, such as medicines and vaccines for example.

Before using Stock Batches you will need to first add your stock item(s) to PPS using our Standard Charges and Stock Items guide. Once your items have been added you can now add new stock in batches for easier management of stock levels and expiry dates.

Adding Stock Batches

Select Tools > Look-up Tables > Accounts Tables > Stock Batches

The main Stock Batches screen will let you view all the current batches in PPS. You are able to add, modify and delete batches of stock from this screen.

At the bottom of the Stock Batch List screen there are 3 options available:

· New – Add new stock batches to PPS

· Modify – Modify existing stock batches

· Delete – Deleting existing stock batches

By clicking on the new button the “Add New Stock batch Record” box is displayed. From this box you can add all the details for the stock batch record.

Item Code

This is the unique code you setup for this particular stock item when you added it to the system. If you are unsure about the full code just type the first few letters/numbers and press Enter on the keyboard. This will bring up the search window where you can select the correct item.


A brief description of the stock item should be included here. If the item already has one setup in the standard charges and stock items this will get filled in automatically when you select and existing item.


Used to indicate where this batch of stock was brought from. You can add new suppliers by clicking the drop down arrow to bring down the current list and clicking new.

Date Added

This will automatically put in today’s address, but should you need to change this you can do by clicking the drop down arrow.

Batch No

This box is where you would registered the batch number for this stock item


This is where you indicate how many of this item will be added to stock from the current batch. On the right hand side it will display the current stock levels for this item.

Expiry Date

If your stock item has an expiry date you can input it here so you can keep a close eye on what expires. You can run stock reports to show what stock you have and the expiry dates.


Used to record any additional information for this batch of stock.

Stock Reports

You can keep track of your current stock levels and expiry dates by running the built in reports within PPS.

Go to Reports > Reports and Mail Merge > Accounts

From here there are three reports available to get information about your current stock. These are:

· Stock Levels Report - Used to display the current quantities of stock

· Stock Batch Details Report – Used to display information of new stock batches added to PPS

· Stock Movement Report – Used to display stock movement (sales and new batches)

This concludes the PPS Help Guide


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