Moving from PPS to PPS Online

The PPS Support Team will handle the process of moving your system data from your local machine onto the cloud-based PPS Online along with providing you with your new login details and also advise on how to access your PPS system setup from your chosen device which includes connections via a PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet and so forth.

However you may need to pre-consider the following areas to ensure a smooth transaction from your local system to the cloud-based PPS Online system:

Images used for Invoices, Statement of Account, and Letters.

Before moving to PPS Online it is worth noting that any customised layouts that you have previously created which contain images such as your company logo need to have their image files located within the “PPSv4.0\PPS-Database\LiveData\InvoiceLayouts” prior to the data migration which is handled by the PPS Support Team.

It may be that you have a logo for your customised invoice layout and other templates located via the file path of “C:\Users\Name\Documents\companylogo.jpg” as an example. If your PC-based PPS system currently points towards a non-PPS pathway (“PPSv4.0\PPS-Database”) then this will need rectification.

Simply put - If your PPS Online system tries to point to this existing location it will produce a “file not found” error and then display a file location box as it simply does not know where the image exists anymore because it cannot access that location as it once could.

For further information on editing layouts including how you can add and edit customised images on your layout, please click the following link:

Microsoft Office or Kingsoft Office

For PPS Online users there is the additional option to use Microsoft Office or Kingsoft Office. Kingsoft Office is designed to work seamlessly with existing Microsoft-based documents and is offered as a cheaper alternative. Depending on which option you choose (if any!) then you will need to ensure that PPS knows which program you have chosen. To do this, you will need to go to your PPS Menu > Tools > Options > General System Options. In here within the ‘General’ tab, in the bottom right you can define which Office application PPS will be setup to use as default.

E-mail settings (SMTP)

To use e-mail within PPS Online you will need to update your SMTP Server name to the IP address of “”. The username/password tick box and entry boxes should be left empty. You will just need to ensure that your e-mail address and contact name boxes are filled in correctly.

Updating PPS and Re-indexing

Although we will now host your system entirely online the responsibility is still yours with regards to updating PPS and re-indexing your database. You can click on the following links to be take to the appropriate help guide:

Updating PPS:
Re-indexing PPS:

Backing up

Your PPS data is backed up daily via PPS online – however manual backups can still be made. If you wish to turn off the backup prompt on log-in and log-off you can do so by going to your PPS Menu > Tools > Options > General System Options. On the ‘General’ tab you need to select the number ‘0’ in the “prompt if last Backup is more than x days old” Auto-Prompts section.


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