Physiotec User Guide

Physiotec helps you to create high quality personalized exercise and information hand-outs. All physiotherapy, rehabilitation, therapeutic, and fitness exercises come with descriptive pictures with clearly written instructions that are either shown as line drawings, photographs, or video clips. The PPS Consultation screens directly integrate with Physiotec directly for seamless interaction between both systems.

Configuring Physiotec to work within PPS

a. Firstly you will need to ensure you have a Physiotec account. If you do not have an account then please navigate to for further information. Once you have registered with Physiotec using your PPS 6 digit "55****" Account Number you can then activate Physiotec from within PPS.

b. This can be done by going to your PPS Menu >Tools > Options > General System Options and then selecting the ‘Clinical Notes’ tab, as shown below.

c. Within the “Clinical Notes Add-Ins” section you will need to put a tick in the “Active” tick box and then click the Physiotec Admin button.

d. On the new "Physiotec" screen you are able to select which practitioner requires Physiotec activation. Once the practitioner is selected from the drop down menu, you can select the appropriate button required to;

Re-activate the Physiotec association.

Get Password if you are unsure of the practitioners Physiotec details.

Deactivate to remove the Physiotec association with the practitioner through PPS.

Delete to remove the practitioner from the Physiotec system itself.

Step 2. Physiotec in Brief

Physiotec use a web based interface that opens up within PPS from the consultation screen. Included as standard are 5,000 exercises illustrated with drawing, photos and video links. You as the practitioner also have the option of adding your own images, photos and videos to make personal plans for your clients.

a. To access Physiotec you will need to proceed to the ‘Consultation’ screen for a chosen client once you are logged in as the practitioner that has been associated with Physiotec. You can select the Consultation screen from the left hand side task bar as shown below or via the PPS Menu > Client > Consultation.

b. Within the Consultation screen you will notice the addition of a new button entitled “Physiotec” as shown below. Once you click on this button you will be logged into your Physiotec account automatically.

c. Once you have ran through the Physiotec exercises, you can click on the 'Close' button on the top right of the screen. You will then notice that the Physiotec exercise program that has been created and saved for the patient and will appear just as any other normal PPS consultation on the left hand side menu.

This concludes the help guide


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