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Note: This guide only applies to existing PPS Hosted users - the PPS Express Admin module is not available / applicable to PPS Local or PPS Express only users.

PPS Express users who also have a PPS Hosted login, have access to the PPS Express Admin module which allows control of all1 PPS Express users directly through the PPS software2.

This screen is accessed via Tools > PPS Express - Admin.

The PPS Express Admin screen displays the status of the system - that it is registered and the number of active / available users.

The user list displays the user's status, user ID, PPS user name, whether or not the user currently has access to PPS Express, email address, status, last login time and whether or not the user is a call handling user.

Adding a User

To add a new user, click the New button. If you do not have any remaining user logins available you will see a message like:

You are able to revoke access to PPS Express from other users should you need to in order to set a new user up - however you will only ever be able to have your registered number of 'live' users at any one time.

If you do have spare logins available (or are a new user) then you will see the Add /Modify User screen.

Select the PPS user this login will associate with, choose a user name (this will need to be unique), enter the new user's email address and click Save. You will then be prompted to set a password for this user - which can be changed either through this admin module or online by the user themselves.

Modifying a User

To modify a user in PPS Express Admin, double-click the user you wish to edit or click the Modify button. From there you are able to update the user's email address, add / remove their access and reset their password.

Deleting a User

To delete a user, select the user from the list and click Delete or double-click to modify the user and then click Delete from the Modify User screen.

Sync Users

If the PPS Express Admin screen loads with red icons next to user's names, you may need to use the Sync Users button to re-synchronise the user details.

1 the System Administrator has control over all users, individual PPS users are able to control their own PPS Express login.
2 The PPS Express Admin module is available from PPS v4.0.7605 onwards.

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