PPS Sync Server Information

What Does PPS Sync Server Do?

PPS Sync Server is an additional application of PPS for users with more than one PPS Site Licence. “Syncing” in PPS terms is the process of running two or more individual PPS systems which keeps each and every one of the PPS systems databases up-to-date by synchronising their data via the internet.

PPS Sync Server does not require an internet connection 100% of the time, and as such is very flexible for users that operate PPS on a part time or ad-hoc basis, as they system will simply update itself once it is next ran on a system with an internet connection.

This has a variety of uses including taking a laptop computer away from the practice which may not have a mobile internet connection, making updates to the laptop whilst the main copy of PPS at the practice is still being updated, then synchronising both systems together so that both are up-to-date at a later point in the day or week when there is internet access available.

Similarly, you may have multiple clinics in different towns or city’s that need to stay constantly synchronised as you will need to have a separate diary per clinic, but may also take bookings for other clinics when they are out of operating hours. Furthermore as all accounts can be synchronised, you may have your ‘head office’ solely take care of your weekly and monthly accounts whilst still allowing daily inputting of charges, invoices and payments. Optionally each account may have a ‘location’ assigned so that you can provide reports based on each clinic and/or an overview of your full accounts or entire appointment diary within a certain period.

Please note: PPS Sync uses a transaction database and as such will only hold information that has been uploaded to the database whilst awaiting for other Sync Server Users to download that information. PPS Sync does not backup any of your information, nor can it re-upload or re-download specific information automatically.

How Does PPS Sync Server Work?

PPS Sync Server is an application that is firstly opened and then minimized so that it can continually run silently in the Windows task tray (in the bottom right hand corner) – PPS Sync Server will ask you run the software when you login to PPS and it is not running. Optionally you can set PPS Sync Server to start in your Windows operating system “Start up” folder so that when the PC or laptop is turned on and the Windows user has logged in, it will then start automatically and download any PPS Database updates even without PPS itself needing to run.

You can optionally view PPS Sync Server to view the current status of your syncing and database connection and how often you want to synchronise with your other sites (5 minutes is default) alongside viewing details of the other clinics you are currently synchronising with and more importantly what data you are synchronising with them (for example you may be synchronising your client and diary information, but not synchronising accounts or custom forms information)

PPS Synchronisation Rules

For PPS to run you will need to ensure the following criteria is met and is maintained:

1. You have a healthy PPS database that is re-indexed often.

2. Your PC hardware is reliable.

3. You have a reliable internet connection.

4. You will need to ensure that PPS Sync Server is not interrupted by any anti-virus or firewall software, as the Sync application will need to send and receive information solely via the internet.
5. Each site will have its own copy of PPS Sync Server - All sites need to be maintained by following the guidelines above. If Sync is not running correctly at one site then this may disrupt all other clinics that rely on the constantly updated data provided by that clinic.

Further Information

If you would like further information about PPS Sync then please feel free to contact us on 0845 0680 777 and choose option 1 for the Sales Dept. Alternatively you can e-mail sales@rushcliff.com.

If you are an existing user then you can contact the Support Team on 0845 0680 777 and choose option 2. Alternatively you can e-mail support@rushcliff.com


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