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Practitioner Contact Preferences and Notifications

PPS has the facility to be able to send out a notification to each practitioner who has an appointment diary, to notify them if an appointment is booked with them or if an appointment booked with them is DNA'd. These are set up on a per-practitioner basis, meaning that it is possible to have this feature enabled for some but not all diary users if you so choose.

To make use of this feature, you will first need an activity template to use for the appointment booking confirmation and for the DNA notifications. These can be templates that you already have set up on the system, or you can set up new ones within Tools >> Activity Templates.

Once you are ready to assign the template, open up Tools >> Set Up Practitioners and System users and modify the practitioner in question. Within here, click on the ‘preferences’ tab;

The appointment booking confirmation template dropdown will let you select which template to use to notify the practitioner whenever anyone is booked into their diary. The appointment DNA template is for clients who have cancelled and been marked as DNA in the diary.

Contact email address and mobile number can have either one or both filled in, and these are where the notifications will be sent. If both are filled in, and the templates selected in the first two drop downs has both email and SMS set up, then the practitioner will receive both an email and an SMS each time.

The final section within this is to set what sort of booking the practitioner will want to be notified of. These will not necessarily be applicable to your system, depending on whether you have online booking or a Remote system alongside your main PPS system. The below example shows a practitioner set to receive notifications for appointments that have been booked manually into the diary and also via their Remote system, but not for online booking;

Once you have set all of this up, you can click on ‘save’ and then repeat the process for any other practitioners that require notifications.


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