Renewing your PPS Support Contract

The Support Contract is not just there to answer "how to use" questions via telephone and e-mail but also includes additional benefits such as allowing access to download and install the latest versions of the software, receiving advice on the management of your data including backing up and restoring, discounts on training courses and much more.

Renewing your support contract could not be easier as you can now do this directly from within PPS.

By renewing your support online you will save £20 compared to our normal support prices. In addition, if you renew before your current support expiry date, you will save a further £50.

This is a saving of £70 on the normal annual support price.

Note: These savings are exclusive to annual payments and as such, are not available if you pay for your Support Contract Monthly.

Renewing through PPS

Simply go to the "Help" menu in PPS and select "Renew, Upgrade and Manage your PPS Account". If you have any problems, simply email us ( or call us (0845 0680 777 and select Option 1) and we will make sure your online details are set up so that you can take advantage of the online discount.

All payments are made securely directly via our web site.

Remember - you MUST renew your support contract via our web site before if you are to take advantage of the discounted renewal price.

If you prefer to renew via telephone, please call us on 0845 0680 777 and select Option 1.


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