Report Output

Each time you run a report, you are presented with a selection of Output Options: Print, Preview, Mail Merge, To File and Close.

You also have the choice to print/view the report either with full detail or in summary mode.

Report Output Options - Preview

The first option available on the Report Output screen is Preview; this allows you to view a screenshot of your completed report

  1. Click Preview. You can now view your report findings. To close this screen you can click the X in the top right hand corner or alternatively press Esc on your keyboard.

Report Output Options - Print

You can also print out your completed report directly from the Report Output screen.

  1. Click Print. Now you are prompted to select which printer you would like to send the report to. Highlight the printer name and click Print.

Report Output Options – Mail Merge

A mail merge is a way of contacting multiple clients with a preset template via Email, SMS or Letter.

For information on the Mail Merge process please refer to the PPS Help Guides – Mail Merge.pdf

Report Output Options – To File

The To File Button allows you to save the report in various different formats.

  1. Click To File. You can now select which format you would like to save your report in. Click OK when you have made your selection.

  2. You now need to add a filename and click Save to finish.

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