Sending Custom Forms to Word Documents

The following guide will take you through the process of using Merge Fields to use for importing Custom Form data to a Word Document.

This is particularly useful if you have a prescription form for a third party which you would like to auto-complete.

1. Navigate to Tools > Custom Forms Designer and Modify your Custom Form

2. Choose Modify Question

Any question you create within a custom form will have its own unique merge field created that you can use which can become a very powerful tool for your custom activity templates that will be sent to specific clients regarding any in-depth treatment detail. The Word Merge Field Name option allows you to include the answer to any of your custom form questions into your Word Document.

3. Simply copy (highlight all, Ctrl & C) the Merge Field and paste it into your Word Document as shown below and repeat this process for all of your Custom Form questions.

4. When you are satisfied with your Word Document, you can then save it and upload it as an Activity Template within PPS. Go to Tools > Activity Templates > Add > Select Existing Document and locate your Word Document. This will then tell you that the document has been moved to your PPS Documents folder.

5.The final step is to navigate back to Tools > Custom Forms Designer > Modify your Custom Form

6. Choose ‘Form Settings’ > ‘Select Word Document’ > Locate your document from this folder > Save
You will now be able to select the ‘Word’ button when you have completed your custom form within PPS. The Word document will open up with the relevant data pulled through from the Merge Fields.


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