Setting Up Appointment Diaries And Diary Views

The following guide will take you through the process of setting up an appointment diary for your practioners and also how you can view your own diary on the appointments screen.

Setting up a User's Appointments Diary

  1. The user setup diary screen can be found by going to your PPS Menu > Tools > Setup Appointment Diaries.
  2. Note: Before setting up a practioners diary, you need to make sure that the new practioner has had the appointment diary box ticked on the setup system user page found within the Tools menu.

  3. In here you will see a list of numerous rows for each diary user that you have, along with numerous columns depicting each week for each of these diary users for the current year.
  4. Note: When setting up a new diary user, they will be given a basic 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday for one week once they have been ticked to have a diary. This can then be modified and then continued for as long as you require.
  5. Once you have selected the week that you wish to create times for (or an existing week you wish to edit) then click into the correct column/row and click on the Modify button.

  6. You will then be greeted with the Diary User’s Appointments Availability screen. In here you have your Monday to Sunday columns. To add your times into a day, double click a column.

  7. online appt booking

  8. You will then be prompted a Setup Diary Slot screen. In here you can select a location if you have locations setup on the system, along with a treatment rooms and descriptions for the slots, all 3 of which can be added via your PPS Menu > Tools > Look Up tables. You then need to enter in a start time, end time and appointment duration.

  9. If you are a PPS Online Appointment Booking user then you may need to tick the "Online Patient Booking" box if you are making this practitioners free appointment slots available for clients to book in via your website.
  10. Note: Setting up treatment rooms is a useful option if you have one diary user using a room in the morning, and then another in the afternoon for instance. Setup your treatment rooms from the look up tables and then define which of your diary users are in each room at what times. PPS will not allow you to double book two diary users in the same place and will warn you if you try to do so and deny the action.

    You can simply enter in the start time and the end time of a clinic, however this does not give any breaks on the diary for Lunch amongst other things, so it’s worth while setting up a broken down set of times, for instance - 9am to 1pm with a morning description, 1pm to 2pm with a lunch description and finally 2pm to 5pm with an afternoon description.

  11. Once you’ve added in your various appointment times for each day, you can then return back to the main Setup Appointment Diaries screen. You will now see the week you’ve just setup on your specific practioner row.

  12. You can now click on the Repeat button to mimic this week’s schedule for as many weeks or months as you require.
Note: If one of your practioners works the same times and days as another practioner, you can simply click on the Copy button from a diary user’s week and then you can highlight an empty slot on another diary user’s week and click on the Paste button.

Diary views and setups

  1. Once you have opened your main diary screen by clicking onto your PPS Menu > Appointments > Appointments Diary. (or clicking Ctrl-A) You can access the Diary View Style menu by clicking onto the Appointments menu at the top and selecting "Diary View" on the list.

  2. In this screen you can select the details of how you would like to show the information. These options are for the most part self explanatory, however the main difference you can make is the actual style and look of the appointments diary screen as shown below.

  3. The left hand side column shows the “Diary” style, whereas the right hand column shows the “List” style.

  4. You will also be given the option to show the diary based on Diary users or Treatment rooms. (For information on Treatment rooms refer to section (e) of the ‘Setting Up Your Appointments Diary’ section).

  5. Once you are on your diary page, you will see the boxes as shown above situated to the bottom left of your diary. The first number can be changed to anything and shows the appropriate number of columns you wish to view on your screen. The right hand side boxes change your current view. The box on the left shows all Diary users or Treatment rooms for a day. The right hand box shows a specific diary user or treatment room for one whole week.

  6. You will also see the above boxes if you are on a “Show All Diary Users Or Treatment Rooms For A Single Day” view. Whereby you can view specific locations that may have been setup via the look up tables’ option, and also different “Disciplines” if these have been created from the System user Setup page and associated with specific practioners.

  7. If you have the “Show A Diary User Or Treatment Room For One Week” setting, you will be able to select location as mentioned above, but instead of selecting a discipline, you will be able to select a specific diary user or treatment room.

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