Setting up Individual Users E-mail Addresses

PPS provides the option to allow individual Users to define their personal company e-mail addresses on a multi user setup of PPS, as an alternative to using a system-wide e-mail address for all system users. This means that your clients will receive an e-mail from the PPS Users individual e-mail address and not the default e-mail address setup in the PPS Tools Menu > System Setup > E-mail Settings.

This applies to all forms of e-mail sent from PPS including Appointment Booking Confirmations, Appointment Reminders, Appointment Follow-Up Reminders, etc.

This feature is available when PPS is setup to send e-mail via the SMTP setting and will not function if you send PPS e-mails using your normal e-mail program. Click here for information on setting up your SMTP e-mail settings.

Note: This feature has been made available in v4.0.66 of PPS. If you wish to update your system please click here.

Setting up Individual Users E-mail Addresses

a. Go to the 'Tools' option from the PPS Menu and select 'Setup System Users' from the drop down menu.

b. Select the user that you wish to assign an e-mail address to and click on the Modify button.

Email Setup

c. Select the “Preferences” tab. You can then add the Users e-mail address into the “Contact e-mail address” field.

Email Setup

d. Now you have given your User an e-mail address you can save these changes by clicking on the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

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