Setting Up PPS Hosted For Apple Mac

Installing the free Microsoft Remote Desktop

1. Go to the following link to download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop App on your Apple Mac >

Microsoft Remote Desktop

2. Once installed, open the Microsoft Remote Desktop App and click + Newin the top left.


3. In the connection name field you can call the connection anything you please. In the 'PC name' field you need to enter the details of the server provided to you in the email containing your account details, typicall this will be a PC Name of,, etc.


4. In Gateway click the drop down and select Add Gateway.


5. Now in the gateway screen click the + button in the bottom left. This will then allow you to type in the Gateway Settings.

In the 'Gateway Name' field type in “PPS Gateway” and then in the 'Server' field type

Finally click the cross in the top left to close this window as the information here will automatically save.


6. In the Gateway drop down menu select the “PPS Gateway” that we just made.

Then in the Credentials section, the Username you need will have a prefix of “rushcliff\” and then after the \ (backslash) it will be the username that we have provided you with in your welcome email. (e.g rushcliff\pps.demo)


7. Finally, click the cross in the top left corner to save the RDP. In the 'My Desktops' screen you need to double click the newly created RDP connection and you will start connecting to your PPS Hosted system.

Note: Ensure you are accessing your "Live Database". You can access the "Demo Database" for testing purposes by selecting this option on the login menu and using "System" and "Admin" as the username and password respectively.
This concludes the PPS Help Guide

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