Setting up PPS on an Apple MAC

If you wish to run PPS on a MAC then you are provided with two options – the first option is to use our Hosted (Cloud) version of PPS. This is called PPS Online – if you wish to learn more then please click the following link -

The second option is to use the Desktop version of PPS by following this guide. However, this is only compatible with a Windows Operating System and therefore you will not only need to use a piece of software that can emulate Windows on a Mac but you will also need a valid copy of Windows. This guide is based on software known as “Parallels” which will allow you to install a Windows Operating System on an Apple MAC.

This Windows Operating system runs within your normal MAC Operating System and does not affect your normal day to day use of your MAC.

You can get yourself up and running with Parallels on your MAC by following the steps below.

Note: This guide is written on a “best intentions” basis. PPS take no liability for the installation of Parallels or any other Windows emulation software. Further assistance with Parallels can be obtained from their website which can be found at

Installing Parallels on the MAC

a. You will need to make sure you have the latest version Mac OS X by choosing Apple menu > Software Update (You will need an Internet Connection).


b. If a later version of Mac OS X is available, please select and install.


c. Now your system is ready to install Parallels onto your MAC. Firstly you will need to Purchase Parallels from their website.

d. Once you have downloaded Parallels Desktop from the website, double click the disk Image file and then select “Install” Icon from the Parallels install Menu.


e. If you are connected to the Internet the Parallel Installation will check for any available updates, click “Download and install new version” to ensure that you get the latest version of Parallels Desktop.

f. Once any updates (if available) are downloaded you can then follow the on screen instructions to install Parallels.

g. Once the installation process is complete then you will need to activate the software. When you download Parallels the “Activation Key” should be sent to you via e-mail.


Note: If you bypass the activation dialog, you can activate Parallels Desktop later by choosing Parallels.

Setting up Windows in Parallels

a. As this is the first time you will have used Parallels you will need to install Windows firstly before you can use PPS. Open Parallels Desktop from the Applications Folder.

b. Select File then select New.


c. From here you can either select “Buy Windows” or if you already have a Windows Installation CD then you can Insert the CD into your computer and select “Install Windows from DVD or Image File”, select the Windows Disc and select the “Install From” menu.

d. Be sure to leave “Express Installation” selected.

e. If you are installing a recent version of Windows, select how you want to use Windows:

• “Like a Mac”: Windows programs appear on the Mac desktop, just like Mac applications.

Documents and media from Mac OS X and Windows are kept together on your Mac.

• “Like a PC”: The Windows desktop and programs appear in a single window, separate from Mac Applications. You can drag and drop objects between Windows and the Mac

f. Now you will need to decide where you want to store Windows, this can be done from the “Location” menu.

· By default, Parallels Desktop stores Windows in your Documents > Parallels folder. To allow all users of your computer to have access to this installation of Windows, select Share with other users of this Mac.

g. Now once you have decided on the location the Parallels Assistant installs Windows.

h. The next step now is to install PPS, before we can do this we need to start Windows. This is done by clicking the Power button in the Parallels Virtual Machines List.


i. Once Parallels loads up Windows and you are presented with the Windows Desktop then you can install PPS in the usual manner.

This concludes the help guide.


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