Setting up SMTP E-mail in PPS

SMTP E-mail Configuration Guide

E-mailing from within PPS can be done via two different ways - either by using your MAPI compliant E-mail program such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express or by sending e-mails directly via Direct Posting using an SMTP mail server. This guide will focus on the SMTP e-mail delivery route.

SMTP E-mail Configuration

Sending via direct posting using your e-mail accounts SMTP settings is required when sending multiple e-mail activities or mail shots at any one time. It also provides a much quicker and less time consuming solution to sending single e-mails through to MS Outlook.

Each SMTP e-mail account uses a specific SMTP server address, Server port number and may require authentication to access this feature from your third party e-mail account by way of a username and password.

The ‘Your E-Mail address’ and ‘Your Name’ fields do not need to relate to the account you are using for SMTP usage. For instance, you may be using your BT broadband account to use SMTP, but may be using your Google Mail account as the e-mail address that your clients see and respond to.

A text document can be optionally attached to every e-mail that is sent out, which is used as the footer for the e-mail.

If you are a PPS Online user then you only need to refer to section 1 of this Guide for the SMTP information you require. All other system users must refer to section 2.

1. PPS Online SMTP E-mail Settings

As a PPS Online User, we provide instant SMTP access for you as part of the service. Please see the screenshot below for the SMTP Server Number that you need.

SMTP Settings for Online

2. Which SMTP Servers can I use for my PPS System?

The best SMTP e-mail servers to use with regards to PPS are typically the e-mail accounts from your company’s website or your broadband connections e-mail account.

It is worth noting that most free e-mail accounts will not work with PPS at this current time due to the encryption process they use (Hotmail, Gmail, Live, Yahoo, etc).

If you contact your Internet Provider or your Website Host, they should be able to provide you with the SMTP server address, Username and Password that you require.

This concludes the PPS Help Guide


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