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Setting up your SMS Account Guide

SMS Help Guide Overview

The following guide will take you through the steps of creating your SMS account (1), purchasing SMS credits (2), setting up your activity templates that control what your text messages will say(3), setting up your booking confirmations (4) and reminders settings (5)(6), sending mailshots (7) and finally how to change your contact preferences (8)(9) so that your clients are enabled to actively receive SMS text messages from PPS.

Note: This guide is based on PPS Version 4.0.63 and upwards - If certain features shown below are unavailable, you may need to update your PPS system to the latest version. The latest updates to the software are available as part of your PPS Support Contract.
1. Creating your SMS Account

a. To create your SMS account, you will need to navigate to the Tools menu within PPS, into 'System Set Up' and click on 'Setup SMS Message Account'. You will be presented with the screen as show below.

b. Your Boom SMS Account ID will be pre-entered (this is based on your PPS account number). You will need to type in a password, and just below this area you will need to fill in as much contact details as you can regarding your company contact details as these will be used to create your Boom SMS account.

c. Your 'SMS Message ID' is the name of the SMS Sender - In other words, when a client receives a text message from you, instead of it appearing as "07800123456" it will appear as "My Practice" so that your clients know who has sent the text message.

d. You can choose to send your SMS message via E-mail (which will use your MS Outlook account on the PC you are using) or Via 'Direct Posting' which basically means as long as you have an active internet connection, the text message will send instantly (this is the preferred method, especially if you are planning to send out mail shots to your clients.) You can optionally tick to receive your sent messages status sent via the e-mail address you have provided as well.

e. Once you have filled in all your details, you are ready to go by clicking on the Click here to Create your Account button.

2. Purchasing SMS Credits

a. To purchase text message credits for your Boom SMS account within PPS, you can navigate to your PPS Menu > Tools > System Set Up > Setup SMS Message Account.

b. In this screen, click on the Buy Credits Now! button. Next to the button, you may also have a counter displaying how many text messages you have left if you have previously purchased SMS Text Messages.

c. You will be taken to the following screen from within the PPS website.

d. Simply click on the green 'Add' symbol/button, and then click on checkout to proceed (when buying a bundle of 1000, you will need to nominate a quantity) You can also purchase SMS bundles from the rushcliff.com website directly - Just login to the website and in the top right click on 'My PPS'. From here, click on 'Purchase' from the green sub-menu which will take you to the same screen as above.

e. Once purchased, you will be ready to use your SMS text messages straight away.

3. Setting up your Activity Templates

a. Firstly you will need to go to your PPS Menu > Tools > Activity templates (letters, emails etc).

b. On the list of activity templates click the Add button.

c. Move onto the SMS tab and add the name of your SMS template firstly at the top of the screen and also select your category. The category is an important selection so make sure that you choose the correct one. In this instance we will choose "Appointment Reminder".

d. The above example is what you can be sent to the client, which involves the use of merge fields to automatically pickup details, for instance the time and date of the client's next appointment, and which practitioner the client is seeing. Once completed, click on the Save button.

4. Setting up Booking Confirmations

a. To setup your SMS Booking Confirmations, go to your PPS Menu > Tools > Options > Appointment Diary Options, then click on to the ‘Reminders’ tab.

b. You will firstly need to tick the box with the title 'Use Booking Confirmations' and then choose the pre-configured Booking Confirmation template that you have previously setup.

c. Finally, on the 'How to Process' section, you can decide whether you wish to have your confirmations set to 'Prompted' or 'Automatic.

Note: 'Prompted' will prompt you if you wish to send a client a booking confirmation after booking you have booked client into the appointment diary, 'Automatic' will send the SMS automatically once the client has been booked in.

5. Setting up Appointment Reminders

a. To setup your SMS Appointment Reminders, go to your PPS Menu > Tools > Options > Appointment Diary Options, then click on to the ‘Reminders’ tab.

b. You will need to tick the box entitled 'Use Appointment Reminders' to enable reminders. You can then schedule when to send a reminder depending on when the appointments has been made in the future and also how many days before the appointment you want to send them the actual reminder. See the above screenshot as an example.

c. You then have the option to choose whether you wish to move the day that the reminder is due based on if the reminder falls on at the weekend, and also if you wish the appointment reminder to become due at the start of the clinics working day, or at the time of the future appointment time. e.g. 11am exactly if the clients appointment in the future is booked in for 11am.

d. Then select the SMS appointment reminder template that you have previously created from the 'Activity Templates' area.

e. Finally you are asked which of your PPS system users wish to be prompted (The default is 'Anyone') and if the process is going to be set to prompted or automatic.

Note: 'Prompted' will prompt you if you wish to send a client a booking confirmation after booking you have booked client into the appointment diary, 'Automatic' will send the SMS automatically once the client has been booked in.

6. Setting up Follow Up Reminders

a. To setup your SMS Follow Up Appointment Reminders, go to your PPS Menu > Tools > Options > Appointment Diary Options, then click on to the ‘Reminders’ tab.

b. From here you will just need to tick the box entitled 'Use Follow-up Reminders', select who will be prompted in the same fashion as Appointment Reminders, and how you wish to process the reminder.

Note: Appointment follow up reminders are setup using both the 'Activity templates' area of PPS and the Look Up Tables 'Appointments' Section.

7. Sending Mailshots

a. Reports from within PPS provide the ability to send SMS mailshots from a variety of details recorded from within the system. In this instance, we are going through the scenario of contacting clients that have been recorded on the system, but have never actually had any appointments booked, charges raised, or consultations recorded.

b. From your main PPS screen go to Reports > PPS reports & Mail merge. Click on the 'Client' tab.

c. Highlight the 'Client registered but with no Appts, Charges, or Consultns' report and then click Open. You can then navigate between the different sections of the report wizard by clicking the tab sections at the top of the screen or clicking Back or Next.

d. Select the date range first firstly - in this instance we are looking for clients that have been added into the system within the past year.

e. Click on the Criteria tab - In here we are solely after clients that have a mobile number that we can send an SMS message to. If you choose the field as "Telephone - Mobile" and the condition to "Not Blank", this will ignore any client that does not have a mobile phone number inputted into the mobile phone number field in the Client Details screen.

f. Once done, click on Finish. Then click on the Mail Merge button.

g. In this screen, you will need to click on one line per client if it is not already selected, choose if you wish to not exclude "Deceased" or clients marked as "Excluded" from the mail shot process, and then click on the Marketing & Mail Shots button.

h. This screen will tell you how many clients are going to be included in the mail shot. Click OK.

i. As this is a new mail shot, you will need to give your mailshot a name as shown above, and select the system user who will be responsible for the mailshot. Once done, click on Continue.

j. On the 'Process your Mail Shot' screen you will see the list of clients you have selected and will then have the choice to send you mail shot via your chosen mail shot type - in this case the SMS button will be highlighted - Double check the list of clients you have and then click on the SMS button.

k. You will then be prompted that you are about to produce ‘x’ number of SMS messages and that a record of each SMS will be saved to the clients log for historical purposes. If you are happy with this amount then you click OK .

l. If you are using merge fields in your message, you have the option to not send the mail shot message to that specific client. Click Yes or No depending on your choice.

m. You are now ready to send your SMS messages. Click on Send. Your mailshot is now complete.

8. Client Contact Preference Overview

The client preferences in PPS are designed to control the preferred method of contacting a client through confirmations, reminders and mail shots that you can send out via SMS. Here is a brief rundown on what the 4 client contact options are:

Booking Confirmations
These are sent to the client immediately after booking the appointment via SMS.

Appointment Reminders
These are scheduled reminders that are sent 'x' amount many days before the patient’s appointment upcoming appointment via SMS. You can configure how many days before the appointment you wish to remind the patient.

Appointment Follow-up Reminders
These can be scheduled several weeks or months after the appointment as a reminder for your client to book another appointment via SMS.

Marketing and Mail shots
Used to determine how you want to contact clients from the mail shots you wish to use - for this example guide it will be via SMS.

9. Setting up your Client Preferences

Note: This guide will take you through mass editing all of your clients contact preferences to suit your general requirements; however individual clients can have their preferred contact methods edited at any time within the client details screen for a more personalised basis.

a. The following global update method is used to change the preferences for all clients in the database in one go. Firstly you will need to go to your PPS Menu > Tools > Options > General System Options.

b. From here you will need to select the ‘Set Up Client Preferences’ tab on the top right. You will then see the screen as shown in the picture below

c. In here you will have 4 rows for your various contact methods that PPS offers that have 8 columns overall.

d. The first 4 columns are for the "Auto-Select" methods of contacting clients, which is designed to work in the way of firstly trying to contact a client via e-mail, and then via letter for instance. (So when sending an appointment reminder, the system will try and send an e-mail, but if that client does not have an email address in client details, it will then try and print out a letter to be sent to the client if they have their address entered in PPS).

e. The second 4 columns are for selecting the appropriate boxes for the "And / Or Always switch on" method, which equates to a simple ‘yes contact this client via this method’ if ticked. There are no preferred contact methods here. The example here being if a client can be contact via Letter and E-mail, the system will ask you how to you wish to contact the client.

f. Once you’ve selected you preferred method of contact, click on Apply at the bottom of the screen, and once you do this the Update Now! button will be selectable, so click on this where you will then be greeted by 2 pop up messages, both confirming that you wish to action this change to all your client. Click on OK on both once you are sure you wish to update all your client records.

Note: Depending on the number of clients you have on your system, this update could either take seconds or minutes, so as a precaution make sure that you have 5/10 minutes spare on PPS as the system will be unavailable in this time on the PC that you are on.

g. If you wish to update only a few clients manually, you can simply go to your client details screen and scroll down to your Preference section and tick the appropriate boxes here.


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