Split Billing

When an invoice is sent to a third-party, and the invoice includes charges for a single client, you can split the invoice balance between the client and the third-party. This means that payments can be recorded on the client account and the third party account against the same invoice.

Split Billing

To split-bill an invoice, you need to modify the invoice to display the invoice screen.
Note: It’s worth noting that the split billing button only appears when modifying a third party invoice. If you want to split an invoice raised for a client you need to modify the invoice and then click on the change invoice button.

The invoice screen has a Split Billing button which is available when the invoice is to a third-party and the invoice is for a single client.

The split billing screen allows you to specify how much of the invoice the client should pay and how much the third-party should pay.
Note: If the invoice has been paid or part paid, then this will affect how you can change the balances – you cannot make either amount paya ble less than the value they have already paid.

From here you need to enter the clients name and third party name in the description, and then click in the “To Pay” column and enter the amount you want your client to pay. Once you’ve changed the “To Pay” cost in the client row to the specified amount, it will automatically adjust the payment in the Third-Party row when you click out of the box. Once this is done simply click the OK button.

You will now notice that in red letter it states that the invoice has been split, and it will show you the values of the split. Accordingly it will show you below how much of the invoice has been paid by both separate sides.

When coming to pay the invoice that has been split, in the second option it shows you the balances due from both parties. In the 3rd section it will record the payment from either your client or 3rd party in the normal way. The only difference being, you know how 2 payment columns, of which the left hand side is for client payments, the right hand side for third-party payments.
Note: Please note you cannot pay the client and third-party charges at the same time.


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