Sync Server FAQ

If you are a local PPS Sync Server user and have recently experienced an issue with connecting, you may need to turn off your Sync Server program and delete Sync Server's temporary files to ensure that your syncing can resume correctly.

You do not need to do anything with your PPS Online system, this guide only relates to users running a local version of Sync Server.

The following steps will take you through that process. If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to call our PPS Support Team on 0845 0680 777 - option 2 - option 2.

Turning Off Sync Server

Navigate to the PC or Server that runs the PPS Sync Server program and right click the icon displaying in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, then click on "Exit" to turn Sync Server off.

If Sync Server cannot be closed via this method, you may need to open up Task Manager and close the process manually. You can do this by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE on your keyboard (or right clicking your Windows Task Bar) to start Task Manager.

Find the process known as "pps4-sync-server.exe *32", highlight and then click on "End Process".

Deleting Sync Server's Temp Files

You then need to navigate to your temporary files folder located within your PPS-Database location and remove all of the temporary files found within here. Typically your main PC or Server location for the temporary files folder is C:\PPSv4.0\PPS-Database\Temp\

Once you are in the temp folder, remove any files that exist. And that's it! Sync Server is now ready to run again.

Restarting Sync Server

You can then restart Sync Server by clicking on the shortcut via the Windows Desktop, clicking the program icon via your Start Menu > Programs list or by running the PPS4-Sync-Server.exe found within the PPS-Database folder.

If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to call our PPS Support Team on 0845 0680 777 - option 2 - option 2.

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