That Syncing Feeling

If you are a Sync Server user then you are probably aware that its synchronisation capability relies on an active internet connection to send and receive your PPS records.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide to take you through certain scenarios where you may be without an internet connection, have in-house network issues or simply have an unknown problem yet need to urgently access information that exists on other PPS systems.

Loss of Internet Scenarios

If you use a call handling company and your internet is down

Give your call handling company a call. They should be capable of instructing you of any appointments over the phone in the first instance, or they should be able to email the appointment details to you.

Faxing the details over is another option if your internet is down but your phone line is working un-interrupted.

If you use PPS Online Booking and cannot see new appointment bookings

As an Online Booking user we can provide you with access to a PPS Remote account which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and it is designed to be used on any web browser or almost any mobile device with a web browser.

Once you have contacted us with your request and we have enabled this feature, you can login to your PPS Remote account via

You can also find help guides on using PPS Remote here

If you sync with a PPS Online system

Don’t forget that if you own a smart phone or tablet device and have a data plan in place then you can access your system at any time. Guides on connecting to PPS Online via these devices can be found in this area of the Help & Support site.

Another alternative is to take a wireless laptop or device to an area with free Wi-Fi (coffee shops often offer free Wi-Fi access) and take screen captures of that day or week's diary.

“My internet is fine, but I still cannot sync.”

Re-indexing the Database

You may run into problems syncing if you have not re-indexed your system for a while or you have recently suffered from a hardware failure, network failure or even a power cut.

Information builds up in your database and the re-index option ensures that everything is indexed correctly for Sync Server to navigate whilst any very minor corruptions are automatically dealt with.

It is strongly advised to back up your system before your run a re-index. The first section in our help guide explains how this process works.

My Sync tells me that it is ‘Paused’ by PPS Support?

This usually means that someone has re-indexed the database whilst Sync Server is running. PPS has then asked the user if they wish to pause the Sync Server program to continue with a re-index attempt. The pause file is then removed on a successful re-index, however if PPS is not happy with the re-index that has been carried out it may leave the pause file behind.

You can remove the pause file manually by simply navigating to your PPSv4.0\PPS-Database location and deleting the “” file.

Sync Server is stating that it isn’t running from the default location?

Sync is designed to run from one specific machine only. This is to stop issues and duplications occurring in the possibility that someone attempts to run a 2nd version of the same Sync Server file.

Make sure you are using the right PC to run Sync Server. Call our Support Team if you need further assistance.

I can’t see the Sync Server icon in my taskbar tray?

Very rarely, other software can interfere with the Sync Server application. This may be a cause of new or updated software. If you cannot stop Sync Server or run a new instance because your computer states that it is already running, you can use Task Manager to end the process and restart Sync Server.

Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE on your keyboard to “Start task Manager” and then click on the processes tab. There will be a process entitled “pps4-sync-server.exe *32”. Click on this to highlight and then click on “End Process” on the bottom right to stop Sync Server. You can then re-run Sync Server in the usual manner and contact the Support Team who can then investigate the issue for you.

Sync Server is telling me that it’s not connected to the internet but it is fine.

If Sync Server is struggling to confirm it has an internet connection due to reasons mentioned in the section below regarding anti-virus interference, you can simply turn off the internet check feature.

In the PPS-Database folder, locate the file “PPS4-Sync-Server.ini” – You can open this file in Notepad, and then on a new line enter the following text:


Hit Enter on the keyboard to create a new carriage return then save and close the file.

Firewall and Anti-Virus

Sometimes updates to your computer protection software can inadvertently stop PPS Sync Server from working correctly.

The section “Anti-Virus, Auto Protect and Firewall software” in this help guide will take you through an example of how to deal with possible reasons for Sync suddenly not working.

If you work in a more secure environment such as a university or city council, you may need to speak with your IT department.

This concludes the PPS Help Guide

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