Treatment Rooms and Locations

PPS provides the ability to create and associate ‘locations’ to diary users (alongside client’s records, charges and payments). Furthermore there is the ability to create and associate ‘treatments rooms’ with a diary user or simply allow the creation of treatment room availability for appointments to be inserted with individual diary users “on the fly”.

To create your Treatment Rooms and/or Locations you will need to navigate to the PPS Menu > Tools > select “Look Up Tables” from the menu and in the Look Up tables area, highlight one of the options as shown below before finally clicking on the Open button

Treatment Rooms and Locations
Note: Treatment Rooms and Locations are designed for use with multi-site or multi-room clinics; however if you are running more than one company then you will need to purchase an additional licence as the PPS system is designed to reflect one set of accounts for a single business with multiple locations and rooms.

Treatment Rooms

If you have more than one treatment room in your clinic you can create a list of rooms that can subsequently be allocated to practitioners when setting up the appointment diaries. Alternatively you can setup treatment rooms in a “stand-alone” fashion without the need to associate a diary user’s availability to the treatment room first.

Treatment Rooms and Locations

You can also specify a colour and short code for each location to make the appointments diary even clearer to view if you need to save space due to the quantity of treatment rooms on display.

The arrows displayed to the right of the list of Treatment Rooms allow you to define the order of rooms when viewing/printing the appointments diary and from the numerous Treatment Room dropdown menus throughout PPS.

Note: Treatment rooms are entirely optional and as such do not need to be specified if you are running your diary by practitioner.


Appointment Diary Locations work in a very similar way to Treatment Rooms but allow you to define separate clinics locations instead of individual rooms in a set location.

When you add locations into PPS you are also given the option of setting the location address. This can be used alongside the “THISAPPTLOCATION” merge field which will output the locations address of the clients appointment into a letter, e-mail, SMS text message, etc. instead of the main clinic address.

This is essential merge field if you are using a single PPS database to run several clinics and send out appointment booking confirmations or appointment reminders.

Treatment Rooms and Locations

Once Treatment Rooms and Locations have been added to the system you can then filter your diary using these.

The arrows displayed to the right of the list of Locations allow you to define the order of Locations shown when viewing/printing the appointments diary and from the numerous Location dropdown menus throughout PPS.

You can also assign clients to a default location from within the ‘Client Details’ screen. Furthermore you can assign the location of a Practitioner from the ‘Setup Appointment Diaries’ screen in the PPS Tools Menu.

Note: Locations are only available for client records if you have defined a “Location” from your PPS system. To select a default location for your PPS system you can navigate to Tools > Options > General System Options.


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