User Account Access Rights Settings

PPS includes full access control for each of the PPS Users that have their own Log In set up. This is a useful area, especially for larger clinics whereby only specific people are allowed access to modify or delete certain records within specific areas of PPS.

Locating the Access Control Settings

To set up or change the access control settings for each user (you must first be logged in as the System Administrator) select the following: PPS Menu > Tools > Set up System Users

Select a User from the list and press the Modify button.

Click on the Access Control tab and press the Settings button.

Tip: By Default the first account ever created for PPS will have the ‘System Administrator’ access control rights, and as such the user access settings cannot be modified.

The Access Control Screen

The Access Control screen allows you to select which level of access is allowed to each part of PPS such as Client details, Accounts, Reports, Appointments, Tools menu access and so on.

access rights

The settings for Access Levels are as follows:

Access - used to initially access and view the various records in question.

Adding - for instance inputting new clients and appointments onto the system.

Modify - Updating existing records, for instance amending invoices and client details.

Delete - Deleting any examples of records as above.

Print – Printing client details screens, appointment diary reports, account reports, etc.

Export - Exporting certain sections of PPS like the diary itself, or any report can be exported into CSV, XLS (Microsoft Excel), DOC/DOCX (Microsoft Word); this tick box controls the access rights for doing this.

Own Only – If this setting is ticked, it will enable users to only deal with the records assigned to them, including clients set to their account, their appointments diary only, and only records that they themselves have created in the past.

This enables you to set up a detailed profile of access for each of your users.

As an example, a receptionist or administrator will often require full access to the appointments diary, client details screens and accounts. However you may wish to think about access rights to actually report or export this information. Furthermore they may not require access to the consultation notes side of the system along with access to change fundamental settings within the Tools menu such as backing up, altering look up fields and changing custom forms.

Another example could be for a self employed practitioner that may use your clinic once a week. They will need to login to the system and view their current diary and the clients they are seeing; however access to other parts of the system may not be required. Using a mixture of the ‘Own Only’ setting and removing complete access from other areas will be required.

This concludes the user access rights tutorial.


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