Using PPS Merge Fields

merge fields

PPS provides a whole host of merge fields that can be used in a variety of activities including letters, e-mails and SMS messages along with custom forms and their associated Word documents.

Merge fields automatically pick up patient information from a variety of areas and place them into any number of activity templates that are selected. This saves vast amounts of practice administration time and enables mailshots to contain a more personalised approach.

The merge field button exists with the activity templates area, custom forms area, and an opened PPS-based letter area. Clicking on the Merge Field button will provide the list displayed below with its various sub-categories which can be selected to display further merge fields.

Clicking on any merge field selection from the merge fields menu will copy the required merge field to your clipboard ready to paste into your documents (Ctrl + V is the windows shortcut to paste if you are pasting the merge field into an external Word or Kingsoft document).

The first merge fields in the list will display the most commonly accessed fields such as NAME/FULLADDRESS which is usually inputted into a letter as it is the perfect format for a windowed envelope and PRACTITIONER which will pick the practitioner that is associated to the client via the Client Details screen.

Appointment Reminder Example:
Just to confirm your Appointment on <<THISAPPTDAY>> at <<THISAPPTTIME>> based in <<THISAPPTLOCATION>>
We Look forward to seeing you then. Please call if you have any questions
Kind Regards

carrying on from this we have the following sections which advise specific merge field categories in further detail...

Appointments merge fields

merge fields

Appointment merge fields are self explanatory to a degree, however here is the definition for “This”, “Next” and “Last” prefixes to the appointments section.

This – the ‘This’ prefix will prompt you to choose a specific appointment whatever template you have assigned this merge field to.

Next – Will always choose the next appointment that has been booked, including the current days date.

Last – will choose the last appointment prior to today’s date.

Third party merge fields

merge fields

There are numerous Third party merge fields within PPS, all falling within one of the following categories (Categories can be renamed from within General options, but their merge field will continue to be named by its default name)

Doctor Fields Insurance Company Fields Health Authority Fields Consultant Fields Club Fields Law Firm Fields Local Authority Fields Company Fields

All third party merge fields have the same selection of options to choose from i.e. <<INSURANCE-NAME, <<DOCTOR-NAME, <<HEALTHAUTH-NAME, <<CONSULTANT-NAME etc.

Custom forms

The custom forms merge fields will allow you to include the answer to any of your custom form questions into your activity templates. Any question you create within a custom form will have its own unique merge field created that you can use which can become a very powerful tool for your custom activity templates that will be sent to specific clients regarding any in-depth treatment detail.

Treatment episodes

merge fields

Treatment episodes work in the exact same way that appointment merge fields work. These merge fields always refer to the current open treatment episode. If you need to use the merge fields in regards to a different treatment episode you will need to open that Treatment Episode it first and then select the activity template with the relevant merge fields.

Note: Did you know? Using a merge field all in lowercase will display merge field information as normal, however if there is no information for that merge field to pickup, it will not display at all in the template, compared to the normal “INFORMATION NOT FOUND” message.

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